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145Caerthen Dance Practice

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  • Keith McClune (Guillaume de Gonzac)
    Apr 25, 2002
      Hi there:

      Tonight's dance practice will be patterned after a Caroso Style Ball.
      We will take turns choosing our favorite dances and do them with minimal or
      no instruction. There are currently 56 dances in our play list. As always,
      period garb is encouraged (but not required) for the last practice of the

      For more information about Caerthen Dance Practice, including our dance
      play list and site schedule, please visit our web site:


      We will be at the Park Hill library tonight: Find your best route to
      the intersection of Colorado Blvd. and Montview Blvd. Montview is about
      three blocks north of Colfax and about a mile south of I-70. At this
      intersection, the Denver Museum of Science and Nature will be to the west.
      Turn east on Montview and proceed 7-8 blocks to the intersection of Montview
      and Dexter. The library is on the northeast corner of the intersection.
      Parking is on the street.

      Keith / Guillaume S:}>
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