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  • Letter of Dance
    Mar 3, 2002
      Greetings folks,

      Sorry for the distraction. This is hopefully one of
      the last Letter of Dance mass housekeeping e-mails
      that I will need to send out.

      I'm trying to track down various people who have been
      subscribers to LoD during the past volume, but whose
      addresses do not appear to be correct (ie. their
      issues bounced). If you are, or know how I can reach,
      any of the following people, please contact me at
      letterofdance@... so that I can get the
      subscription straightened out.

      The following folks are owed back issues:

      Bradford C. Smith, Knoxville TN
      Dave Lankford, Bloomington IN
      Monica Cellio, Pittsburgh PA
      Tom Vincent, Phoenix AZ
      Gerry Baygents, Columbia SC
      Sue Kronenfeld, Somerville MA
      Helen K. Dolbey, Ottawa OT

      The following people are owed a copy of Tape #4:

      Helen K. Dolbey, Ottawa OT
      Daniel Gillespie, Hyattsville MD
      Bess Libby, Framingham MA
      Aimee D. Allione, Plains, PA

      I have uncashed checks made out to Bill Street from
      the following people:

      Frank Shiavone, Ridgecrest CA
      Kevin Woods, Colona IL
      Barbara VanPatter, Matthews NC

      If you believe that you are owed anything by LoD and
      do not see your name above, please contact me. If
      your name is listed above and LoD does *not* owe you
      anything, also please let me know. I'd like to get
      everything straightened out and resolved once and for

      The Letter of Dance
      Lady Katherine Mercer, editor

      Katherine Mercer,
      Editor of The Letter of Dance

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