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142Estrella dance classes

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  • kirstenng
    Feb 7, 2002
      Greetings to the list...

      I hope that I would not be presuming too much to post a rough list of
      dance classes scheduled for the upcoming Estrella War. Classes will
      run from 10am - 5 or 6pm, Thursday through Saturday. There will also
      be a ball Friday night, and open dancing in the grand court pavillion
      every night apart from that.

      Introduction to Dancing
      Teaching Beginners to Dance in the SCA
      More Dancing (Beyond the Bransles)
      Idiot's Guide to: Galliards
      Two Italian Dances
      Il Canario
      The Old Measures
      15th century Italian Bassadanza

      Early Dance
      SCA Dance for Children
      Beginning English Country Dance
      Intermediate English Country Dance
      And Cast, Cast, Cast - Moving Thy Feet
      History of Western European Dance
      Introduction to Cascarde

      Contrapasso da farsi in Ruota
      Creating dances after a period model
      Introduction to Burgundian Basse Danse
      Celeste Giglio workshop
      15th century Italian Balli
      Country Dancing just for fun

      Advanced Country Dancing

      If you would like any further information, please just give me a
      yell. :) The full schedule is posted on the Estrella War website,
      although it's a little difficult to read. :)

      In service,
      Lady Julian ferch Rhys
      Minister of Dance, Kingdom of Atenveldt
      Estrella War A&S sub-autocrat (Dance)
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