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141FYI, Lady Barbara--(a list of court dance classes at Estrella War from Lady Kathryne Gordon)

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  • Barbara Krege
    Feb 5, 2002
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      FYI, Lady Barbara--(a list of court dance classes at Estrella War from Lady Kathryne Gordon)


      -----Original Message-----
      From: Tonya Woldridge
      To: Barbara Krege
      Sent: 2/1/02 8:57 AM
      Subject: Re: List of court dance classes please, Lady Barbara, court dance ins tructor in al-Barran

      Dear Barbara,

      Here is the list of classes.  I left all of htem in
      the post in case circumstances changed and you would
      be able to make it earlier.  Please come and introduce
      yourself sometime during the war.  I will be camped
      with HE Hastini across from the Aten Royal encampment.
       Have a safe trip and see you at war.

      Lady Kathryne Gordon

      10-11am - Introduction to Dancing (Lady Kathryne
      11-12 (1pm if needed) - Il Canario (Mistress Gwendolyn
      12-2pm - Teaching Beginners to Dance in the SCA (Lord
      1-2pm - The Old Measures (Maestro Niccolo
      Gianfigliazzi Genovesa)
      2-4pm - More Dancing: Beyond the Bransles (Kathryne)
      2-3pm - 15th Century Italian Bassadanza (Lady Julian
      ferch Rhys)
      4-5pm - Idiots' Guide to: Galliards (Julian)
      5-6pm - Two Italian Dances (Niccolo)

      10-11am - Early Dance (Niccolo)
      11-1pm - And Cast, Cast, Cast, Cast: Moving Thy Feet
      12-1pm - SCA Dance for Children (Gwen and helpers)
      1-2pm - History of Western European Dance (Julian)
      2-4pm - Introduction to Cascarde (Julian)

      10-11am - Contrapasso da farsi in Ruota (Bartolo di
      11-1pm - 15th Century Italian Balli (Julian)
      1-3pm - Creating Dances after a Period Model
      2-6pm - Country Dancing Just for Fun (Countess
      3-4pm - Introduction to Burgundian Basse Danse
      4-5pm - Celeste Giglio workshop (Julian)
      5-6pm - Bransles (Niccolo)

      2-6pm (special dispensation) - Advanced Country Dance

      I also have a pair of classes (Beginning and
      Intermediate ECD) that
      I've not yet scheduled - just got them! So those will
      be going in
      probably on Friday. :)
      --- Barbara Krege <KREGE@...> wrote:
      > I wish I could be at the ball but I won't arrive to
      > Estrella till about
      > midnight Friday nite.  What court dance classes (and
      > when) are being taught
      > Sat. & Sun?  Lady Barbara, court dance instructor,
      > al-Barran, Albuquerque,
      > NM, Outlands

      Animo non Astutia
      By courage not craft

      Gordon Clan motto

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