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130Re: [OutlandsDance] Caerta Dance Music CD

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  • Keith McClune (Guillaume de Gonzac)
    Nov 20, 2001
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      Hi there:

      The Caerthe's Greatest Dance Hits CD was made for our own use and
      includes some copyrighted material. A couple of spare copies have been
      shared to help dancers get going, but I don't know how far that can go
      without violating "fare use." There was an old Caerthen dance tape that we
      did not make that includes music we do not have a good recording of
      (specifically Espanyolet).

      I am compiling a list of our favorite CDs and where to find them.
      There are several SCA performances available that are, not coincidentally,
      great to dance to. These are available at very low cost and some are
      downloadable for free off the web. I need to get that information from my
      lady. I had planned to get this on our web page last weekend, but ran out
      of time (dance practice, newcomer's revel, Fortress Benefit revel, and Toys
      for Tots just ate four days).

      Hang in there!

      Keith / Guillaume S:}>

      Morris Schaefer wrote:
      > Greetings to all on these lists and a profitable Friday to all;
      > I'm working on a project to upgrade the dance music tapes for al-Barran and
      > find that some of the tunes are credited to the Caerta Dance Music CD. I'm
      > now asking if anyone has a copy for sale, as in a new copy I'd like to
      > obtaine it for my files. If they are out of print, would someone please be
      > able to burn a copy on their CD burner for me? I could burn the copy myself
      > if you don't have access to one, I'd just like to get my hands on one.
      > If you can help me, contact me at: MTNSOUNDS@...
      > I will be at the al-Barran masked ball this weekend, maybe we can work out
      > an arrangement there?
      > Thank you for your time.
      > Ld Sean MacLeod
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