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120Dancers in Atenveldt

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  • kgarner1@ix.netcom.com
    Oct 19, 2001
      > Yes, that is the gentleman. Does anyone have
      > contact information (preferably e-mail) for Dougal of Atenveldt,
      who teaches
      > court dancing? Barbara

      Delurking for a moment...

      Just a brief intro - I'm Lady Julian ferch Rhys, kingdom deputy A&S
      minister (dance) for Atenveldt. OK, now that you know who I am... :)

      Doughall had a serious attack of real life just before the next-to-
      last Estrella War and decided that he needed a break from the SCA for
      a while. He's not been teaching or doing much else since then. He's
      starting to come back from time to time as his schedule permits
      though, and *may* teach a class for me at this next Estrella. (YAY!)
      I'd be happy to pass on your info to him, if you'd like. ;)

      (short advert: If anyone would like to teach a dance class at this
      next Estrella, I would love to hear from you! We're planning on a
      full dance collegium this year.:)

      Arglwyddes Julian ferch Rhys
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