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117Re: Introductions (of Lord Guillaume)

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  • smcclune@earthlink.net
    Oct 18, 2001
      --- In OutlandsDance@y..., Barbara Krege <krege@a...> wrote:
      3) Do you know
      the name
      > of the gentleman (and his contact information, especially e-mail)
      > taught court dancing at Estrella Wars 2 or 3 Wars ago? I don't
      > what he looked like, but I BELIEVE he was from Phoenix, and think he
      had a
      > very slender build, long hair, and dressed very nicely. (My memory
      is not
      > the greatest.) He also seemed to be very knowledgable about court
      > and taught the skipping dance (see 4) and a very, very complicated
      > dance, among others.

      Is he the fellow who came and taught dancing at an event in al-Barran
      ... oh, I don't remember, maybe the Sworded Affair before last? That
      fellow was named Dougal (though not the Dougal from Dragonsspine), and
      he was from Atenveldt.

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