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116Advanced dance workshop

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  • Keith McClune (Guillaume de Gonzac)
    Oct 18, 2001
      Hi there:

      I have thought for some time that it might be good to have a
      separate practice for more advanced dancers. This would offer an
      opportunity to spend more time on complicated dances, work out
      reconstructions, practice teaching, discuss technique, etc. None of
      these is especially appealing to new dancers, but we do want to
      encourage new dancers at our regular practices.

      Now that Arwen and I have introduced almost all of our previous
      repertoire at Caerthen dance practice, we have started teaching new
      dances that we have barely learned ourselves. I would like to set up a
      dance teachers' practice where we can all share our knowledge,
      experience, and ideas, and where we can spend an hour or two at a time
      working out a new dance without scaring away half our dancers.

      Sound interesting? Anybody else out there want to participate in
      something like this?

      My idea right now is to do a two or three hour meeting/practice/
      workshop one Sunday afternoon a month. Less than once a month doesn't
      give us much time or reinforcement. More than once a month requires a
      lot of time and commitment - I don't think we're ready for that (even if
      we could fit it in the schedule). Sundays can be selected to avoid
      conflicting with events, and people who need to travel have more time to
      get there and back again without having to leave from work. I think
      there are dancers in Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, and maybe Fort
      Collins that would be interested in this, so I think Denver can be a
      'central' meeting place. If there is enough interest, I have a couple
      of possible sites in mind.

      An alternative, which would help our friends down south, would be
      to set up a "road show" dance symposium, perhaps quarterly, that moves
      around the kingdom. This is a lot more work, however, and requires
      local resources in each host group. If there is interest, perhaps we
      can develop something like this - but I'd like to start with the simpler
      project first.

      Let me know if you are interested in participating in this. I have
      several dances in mind that I'd like to work out, and I'm very open to
      suggestions/ideas from others. I am especially interested in 16th
      century Italian dances as I am not as familiar with these as many other
      styles. Primarily, I'd like to see us concentrate on period dances as
      there are plenty of outlets and resources for out-of-period dances.

      Keith / Guillaume S:}>