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106Re: [OutlandsDance] Dance Practice schedule

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  • sheila.mcclune@anthem.com
    Jun 25, 2001
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      Arwen and I had a great time June 8-12 at Known World Dance Symposium
      III in Carolingia (Boston, MA) - ancient hub of SCA dance.

      It was indeed a wonderful time -- bunches of dance geeks all together in
      one place. For me, one of the highlights had to be Julia Sutton's class --
      learning dance steps and stylings from one of the foremost figures in
      Renaissance dance, not just in the SCA, but in the "mundane" world as well
      ... it was just very cool.

      I was also very pleased to discover that canaries aren't nearly as
      strenuous as they look, and are in fact a lot of fun. Lots of stomping and
      attitude. :)

      We learned many
      new dances and acquired several new resources and insights.

      We've even started teaching some of them at dance practice already. Within
      two days of our return, we had already taught Amoroso, a 15th century
      Italian dance, at our practice. It's a fairly easy dance, but one that can
      be lots of fun once you're comfortable enough with the steps to add in the
      flirty bits.

      Last week, Guillaume taught us Gioioso in Tre, a three-person version of
      Rostiboli Gioioso, which is another of the 15th c. Italian dances we've
      been doing for about a year.

      We were blessed with live music for almost everything
      (including many of the classes!) and I've learned that we don't have a
      monopoly on delightfully evil players.

      The musicians were wonderful -- so accomodating, willing to keep on playing
      and playing ... It was very cool to have musicians playing for the
      classes, because then the teacher could teach a section of a dance, and the
      musicians would play it and we'd dance it, then the teacher would go over
      the next section ... a person could get really spoiled that way.

      I'd be really interested in hearing what other people have been up to,
      though. Anyone?


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