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105Dance Practice schedule

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  • Swashbuckler
    Jun 25, 2001
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      Hi there:

      Things have been pretty quiet on this list. Anybody out there?

      I updated the Caerthen Dance web page this weekend at
      http://home.earthlink.net/%7Esmcclune/dance.html. The schedule for the rest
      of the year has been updated and I added a play list of the dances we do.
      If you get a chance, check it out and let me know what you think.

      What other practices are people going to?

      Arwen and I had a great time June 8-12 at Known World Dance Symposium
      III in Carolingia (Boston, MA) - ancient hub of SCA dance. We learned many
      new dances and acquired several new resources and insights. One of these
      days we'll get our thoughts collected enough to post an account of our

      The highlights of the event were probably the Known World Ball with 200
      dancers or more, the Caroso style balls, the Masque Ball Monday night, and
      Julia Sutton's class Tuesday. Del's reconstruction of Prexonera may become
      an SCA standard. We were blessed with live music for almost everything
      (including many of the classes!) and I've learned that we don't have a
      monopoly on delightfully evil players. We also got to see an old friend,
      the Baron of Stonemarche (NH), perform in one of the Boston Early Music
      Festival events.

      Anybody else been having fun with dancing?

      Keith / Guillaume S:}>
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