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101Re: Dance question

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  • Lyonette Drouet de St. Amand
    Dec 30, 2000
      In al-Barran we have dance practice at least once a week, for the
      most part. More often for the performance group, the al-Barranian
      Court Dancers, when we are preparing for a performance or if we have
      some new members of the performance group. The performance group has
      a repertoire of the following dances: Ballo del Fiore, Gathering
      Peasecods, Hearts Ease, Road to the Isles (a personal favorite), al-
      Barranian Pavan (an al-Barran SCA creation), Korobushka (a russian
      folk dance not period but lot's of fun), Circle Waltz, Wherligig,
      Angus Reel, and Scotch Cap. This month we will be working on some new
      dances Black Nag, the Morisco (or Moresca), and a Volte(or Volta)
      dance. I am also preparing to introduce a Galliard and a Gavotte. I'd
      also like to hear any suggestions from the egroup for any other
      dances they think would be appropriate to learn. Also to Bronwyn, I
      have a lot of the dance documentation if you want it, just let me
      know before the next practice (Sunday, January 7th from 6pm to 8pm).
      Lyonette Drouet de Saint Amand
      mka Deborah Gentit
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