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  • Swashbuckler
    Dec 29, 2000
      Hi there:

      I am Guillaume de Gonzac, co-dancemaster in Caerthe. My lady Arwen is
      my inspiration. I am a French cavalier of the early 17th century and I have
      a great many interests including: archery, period dance, fancy dress,
      feasting, fencing, gaming, history, illumination (and calligraphy),
      lampwork, research, science, science fiction, and travel. My time is split
      very unevenly between these, but Thursdays are always reserved for dance
      practice and I'm always willing to do period dancing at events unless I'm
      just to worn out.

      I joined the SCA in A.S. XIII, shortly after the Earth cooled. There
      was dancing in Caerthe at that time, but it faded within months of my
      arrival for reasons I may never know. I was one of the founding members of
      Caer Galen, although I don't know that I made any lasting contributions. I
      began dancing about 21 years ago when I moved to Carolingia (Boston, MA - I
      was actually across the river in Cambridge). There has always been a
      thriving dance community there, and I got pulled in. Pretty girls can have
      that effect on a teenaged boy. I learned a number of grand ol' dances
      there, and can even remember most of them. I remember all of the girls.

      Since then I've bounced back and forth a bit. My lady and I attended
      the new dance practice after I returned to Caer Galen and I taught a couple
      of the dances that I felt most comfortable with. About 16 years ago I moved
      to what eventually became Stonemarche (New Hampshire) in the East Kingdom.
      I was one of the founders of Stonemarche and was awarded the Cornerstone and
      Millstone there (I was seneschal of one of the groups that joined to form
      Stonemarche, became the newsletter co-editor, and lead fencing practice). I
      don't remember doing a lot of dancing, but we did get some in now and again
      (and Carolingia wasn't far away). I returned to Caerthe about ten years ago
      and eagerly joined the efforts to restart a practice. Over time I've
      started teaching dance and I continue to add new dances to my repertoire.

      At last count I could stumble through about 60 dances. Most of these I
      can teach, at least if I have a few minutes to review notes. I have become
      enamoured of the Italian dances, but know less than a dozen so far. Every
      year I add a couple more, though. I know most of the dances from Arbeau and
      most of the Old Measures (eventually I'll get to them all). The rest of my
      repertoire is Playford (almost all 1st edition). Someday I hope to learn
      some of the Gresley dances. These are particularly difficult to decipher
      because of the nature of the manuscript. The two big holes in SCA period
      dance seem to be Spanish and German - anyone know of any period dance
      manuals from Spain or Germany?

      I try to balance the various flavors of dance and could be accused of
      being an authenticity maven. I don't threaten or yell at those who do out
      of period dances (that's the job of the Authenticity Police[tm]), but I do
      try to teach the period ones. Besides, they're more fun anyway. I do
      sometimes whine a little when Hole in the Head\\\\Wall starts, but that's
      because I know it'll be 20 minutes or more before anything else can happen
      (and there might not be any time left for the good dances).

      Keith McClune a.k.a.
      Guillaume de Gonzac
      Protector of the Queen's Heart (retired)
      Premier Blade of Caerthe (retired)
      Silver Tyne
      Venerable Guard
      Sable Lion of Caerthe
      Millstone of Stonemarche
      Cornerstone of Stonemarche
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