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Some Eve Arden and Our Miss Brooks Trivia

As a longtime fan of the show and Eve Arden, I thought that I would share some trivia that I discovered by browsing the web. 1. Eve Arden wasn't the first
Nov 20, 2008

Re: Just joined, long time fan

I have around 120 I think. I ordered from Ebay, and picked a bunch up on the internet just searching. Here are some good links for shows...
Mar 23, 2008

Re: Just joined, long time fan

My fav episode? Well, some I like are... MR STONE'S AMPLIFYING SYSTEM (Episode #06),MR BOYNTON'S PARENTS (#40), ELEPHANT MASCOT (#66), etc. Just to name a
Mar 23, 2008

Re: Just joined, long time fan

Awesome, welcome to the group! Do you have any particular "favorite" episode? I have a special place in my heart for "Lack of Coal at Maddison High", as it
Mar 20, 2008

Just joined, long time fan

Good luck on your new group. Been a fan of the radio show for years.
Mar 16, 2008
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