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IDEA Weekly Update - Let the Games Begin!

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      (updated September 22, 2004)

      SEPTEMBER 24-26, 2004


      On Tuesday, September 21, the Senate abruptly propelled the IDEA reauthorization process forward by appointing all of its HELP committee members as conferees. The House is expected to appoint its conferees shortly. This paves the way for a conference committee to meet and attempt to reconcile the two IDEA reauthorization bills, H.R.1350 and S.1248. The conference committee could begin its work at any time, and even if they do not complete it by the time they adjourn (expected to be around October 8), they may be able to do so during a “lame duck” session at the end of the year.

      In response to this action, OCLB took several steps to keep you informed and help you plan your next move. We were first on the scene, with a
      Hot IDEA Update posted on our Breaking News page (as well as distributed to our OCLB Yahoo list) as soon as we heard the news. (We also have the Senate’s Unanimous Consent Agreement posted on our Breaking News page.)

      Next, we drafted and posted on our
      Home page the “OCLB’s Conference Committee Guiding Principles,” which are a set of principles against which we believe parents and supporters of students with disabilities must measure any proposed changes to IDEA. Please read these and feel free to use them as “talking points,” as well as to distribute them far and wide!

      Finally, we updated our
      What You Can Do Right Now page to reflect these developments. Please take a look to see how YOU can help us help our kids! (Hint: want to contact the conferees to share your thoughts about IDEA reauthorization? Just go to this link, or to our FAQ folder, to find out how!)

      Oh, and don’t forget about our OCLB Special Education Primer series! Before the news broke, we had already posted on our
      Home page the next installment: “Discipline Part 2 – Suspension and Expulsion Under IDEA ’97.” To understand the proposed amendments to IDEA’s discipline provisions, it’s vital to understand how current law works in this confusing but critical area!

      Following the news of the Senate appointment of conferees, The Arc put out an
      Update on IDEA. It’s posted on The Grapevine, so please take a look!

      Finally, on our
      Message Board this week, we have a couple of interesting postings. First, we have a visitor’s request and another visitor’s response regarding the OCLB team members. (I won’t tell you more than that – you’ll have to check this one out yourself!) Second, we have some much-appreciated positive feedback on the contents of our site from a loyal visitor. We’re always happy to get reader feedback, positive or negative (though please try to make it constructive), so feel free to write in at any time!

      A final note: thanks to all of our wonderful visitors for helping to make, and keep, OCLB number one on
      Google for “IDEA reauthorization!” Here’s to all of us – we’re all in this together, and your help is critical in this mission to save IDEA for our kids!

      This is it, folks! Crunch time! Let the games begin – we’re ready for them!!

      Sandy Strassman Alperstein, today's

      ©2004 Our Children Left Behind.

      Our Children Left Behind [OCLB] was created and is owned/operated by parent volunteers (Shari Krishnan, Tricia & Calvin Luker, Sandy Strassman Alperstein, and Debi Lewis). Permission to forward, copy, and/or post this article is granted provided that it is unedited and attributed to the author(s) and www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com. For more about OCLB or to share information, please contact parentvolunteer@....

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