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IDEA Weekly Update - Go Team!!!!!!!!!!

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    OUR CHILDREN LEFT BEHIND ** WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW ** JULY 3 & 4, 2004 IDEA WEEKLY UPDATE – GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!! With summer moving forward, we’ve found
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      JULY 3 & 4, 2004

      IDEA WEEKLY UPDATE – GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!!

      With summer moving forward, we’ve found ourselves thinking about next year, since it will so quickly be upon us. We’re reminding ourselves that even if we succeed in defeating the proposed IDEA changes this year, the “gorilla” will still be out there next year. Read “
      The Gorilla: Waiting For Next Year – Or Not,” posted on our Home page, to see what we’re talking about. Hard as it is to think about, fact is that the forces working against our children were here before this year, and will be here after this year. Then again, so will we!

      We’ve decided that one of the keys to our success – as a parent advocacy group and as individual parents of children with disabilities (and IEP team members) – is teamwork! Read “
      Team – On Being Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts,” posted on our Home page, to be both informed and inspired!

      Finally, in a related vein, our
      Home page this week includes a discussion of “Defining Success.” How do you define “success” for your child in school? How do your school folks define it? Are we all on the same page, playing on the same team, when we formulate these definitions?? Or do we have very different expectations?? Read this piece to see why it’s all in how you define “success”!

      On our
      Breaking News page this week, we have an excerpt from the NACDD Legislative Advocacy Weekly, including some Congressional calendar information and IDEA alerts. We also have a press release (including background information and talking points) from the National Coalition of Parent Centers, a member of the National Committee of Parents and Advocates Organized to Protect IDEA. (Speaking of the Committee, we are still collecting signatures from family-oriented groups and organizations – just go to p078.ezboard.com/fourchildrenleftbehindfrm28.showMessage?topicID=95.topic to read the sign-on letter and to see the most recent list of signatories; then send an email to parentvolunteer@... to have your group or organization added!)

      We have added a new item to our
      Resources folder: a grassroots advocacy page from the Friends Committee on National Legislation (the Quakers’ public interest lobbying group). This item includes advocacy tips for grassroots activists, including how to effectively work with legislators, the press, etc.

      We have some new items of interest in our
      Reference folder. For a “blast from the past,” take a look at public testimony from an Arc official (1999) and a press release from the CCD’s Education Task Force (2003). We also have LDA’s News from Washington (including an IDEA update), a press release from the National Governor’s Association on IDEA, and an explanation of procedure from CRS (Congressional Research Service) with respect to adding amendments to existing bills. (There are persistent rumors that Congress could add an IDEA bill to an end-of-the-year omnibus bill. This information from CRS helps to clarify how this process works.)

      Finally, our
      Message Board was busy again this week. We have information on a petition to urge the presidential candidates to attend an upcoming disability rights convention. We also have a visitor’s sobering reaction to the recently released government-sponsored report on sexual misconduct in our public schools. On a lighter note, one of our frequent visitors has found a new hobby for the summer – playing “Name That Author!” Take a peek for a quick chuckle – we loved this one!!

      Hope you’re enjoying the summer!

      Sandy Strassman Alperstein, today's

      ©2004 Our Children Left Behind.

      Our Children Left Behind [OCLB] was created and is owned/operated by parent volunteers (Shari Krishnan, Tricia & Calvin Luker, Sandy Alperstein, and Debi Lewis). Permission to forward, copy, and/or post this article is granted provided that it is unedited and attributed to the author(s) and www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com. For more about OCLB or to share information, please contact parentvolunteer@....

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