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Administration seeks testimony on education issues-including ESEA/IDEA

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  • Alpy2@aol.com
    The Administration is seeking testimony on education issues, which can - and should - include comments on ESEA/IDEA reauthorization concerns on behalf of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2010
      The Administration is seeking testimony on education issues, which can - and should - include comments on ESEA/IDEA reauthorization concerns on behalf of families of students with disabilities.  So please share this widely and consider providing testimony - thanks! (Provided courtesy of Jessica Butler, long time Congressional advocate for students with disabilities.)
      Administration for Developmental Disabilities Seeks Testimony re Childhood/Educ & Other Topics; 5 cities nationwide and online

      The Administration on Developmental Disabilities is soliciting testimony in five cities around the country, including Philadelphia, Detroit, Dallas, Denver and Orlando, beginning this month.  Written testimony from people around the country is also being solicited. With regard to childhood (ages 0-21), ADD would like to hear ideas and visions about education, societal inclusion, and other issues impacting children with developmental disabilities.  ADD is also interested in other ages and stages of life, including Adulthood, Aging, and Caregiver/Family Supports.

      Testimony will be taken in Philadelphia, PA (Oct. 18, 2010); Orlando, FL (Nov. 8, 2010); Dallas, TX (Nov. 15, 2010); Detroit, MI (Dec. 2, 2010); and Denver, CO (Dec. 6, 2010).    There is also information for people who cannot attend a session in person but wish to submit written testimony.

      To Testify in PersonRegistration is open on the ADD's website for slots to present 3 minutes of testimony. Go to http://www.envision2010.net/index.php (and click on "Talk to Us in Person") or register via telephone at  Enterprise Services & Technologies, Inc. Phone: 301-588-6046. TTY users call via Maryland Relay 7-1-1 (This number may be used from any state or territory.)   One can also register simply to be present and listen.

      The 3-minute speaking slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, and an effort will be made to ensure that there are slots for parents and self-advocates.  Testimony may also be provided by allies and professionals.  Requirements for testimony, including the requirement to provide written testimony and to answer one question, are listed on the registration page, http://www.envision2010.net/registration_about.php.  (This can also be accessed by clicking on Talk to Us in Person and then Registration.)  If one wishes to submit written testimony at the same time as registering, there is a link to upload files.

      Hotel/logistics information is also available on the website.

      To Submit Written Testimony if One Cannot Attend in Person: People who cannot attend one of the sessions in person but wish to submit written testimony may do so through February 1, 2011.  Go to http://www.envision2010.net/online.php (or click on Talk to Us Online from the main webpage.)  ADD appears to be welcoming testimony from folks nationwide.
      The specific question for Childhood (0-21) is: “How do we ensure that each child with a developmental disability will live a healthy and happy life in a loving family home; fully participate in all of the experiences of childhood in inclusive, welcoming communities; be empowered to advocate for themselves; and successfully graduate from school prepared for college or a career of their choosing?”  The questions for the other stages are on the website, http://www.envision2010.net/index.php .

      Testimony provided through this "Envisioning the Future" Summit Series will be used by ADD to develop goals and objectives in a five-year strategic plan for the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, to be completed by Spring 2011. ADD will use the ideas and other information to understand and prioritize the most pressing issues for the community of people with developmental disabilities.

      The full announcement from Sharon Lewis, ADD Commissioner, is on the website here: http://www.envision2010.net/index.php\

      Sandy, Illinois (alpy2@...)
      Our Children Left Behind (http://www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com)
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