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Getting In Tune In June!

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    OUR CHILDREN LEFT BEHIND ** WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW ** JUNE 1, 2004 GETTING IN TUNE IN JUNE! It is time for all of us to begin to orchestrate our next steps
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      JUNE 1, 2004


      It is time for all of us to begin to orchestrate our next steps in the IDEA reauthorization process. Although we may have different advocacy agencies, techniques, and instruments for delivering our messages, we need to strike collaborative chords which clearly demonstrate that we are all working together in concert.

      Even though a holiday weekend just ended, some of our tireless parents and advocates spent it working on some new campaign tools for us to use. They were e-mailing messages back and forth about what new call-in days may look like and toward whom they will be targeted. Some were developing updated sets of talking points to help build confidence in all of us to most effectively use these new tools. Yet others were figuring out how to promote our IDEA messages (even on the sides of robots and backs of tee shirts). The point of all of this being that parents, advocates, and students need to get the word out that this IDEA reauthorization (with the two bills presently on the table) will harm students.

      You will see some of these newly developed tools and tips posted to our Breaking News page, starting this week. Please keep checking
      www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com for updates.

      Although some advocacy agencies are saying that IDEA reauthorization may not go through this year, we still need to be prepared and positioned for the next steps in the legislative process. We have heard all of this before (that S.1248 wasn’t coming to the Senate floor and IDEA wouldn’t happen this year), yet the process boldly moved forward anyway. So the OCLB team feels that it is better to be safe than sorry; hence it is wise to be ready.

      Rest assured that the Our Children Left Behind team is listening to the advice of many parent leaders and trying to distill the information into small parts, easy for our visitors to understand and disseminate. We also closely monitor those suggestions that seem to make the most sense for families who visit our Web site and interact with us regularly.

      A common concern among many of the advocates and families from whom we are hearing is that they dread Part B of S.1248/H.R.1350 moving into the Conference Committee at all. This is because both bills have their own sets of dangers and very few sprinklings of benefits. However, it is felt that any illusion of benefits that one wants to find in either of the bills will be permanently eclipsed by the combination of absolutely terrifying dangers that have the real potential to harm 6.5 million students when these bills are reconciled in Committee.

      We hope that all of our readers have started to read the bills, or at least will skim through the Part B sections of them so that you can draw your own conclusions and keep us on our toes. We appreciate your advice and your telling us about everything that you are hearing (whether you think it may be a rumor or not). So please stay in touch throughout the summer!

      Can you believe that it is June 1st? Where does the time go? Hopefully time will be on our side. I just read the underside of my root beer’s bottle cap. It said, “A sudden change in plans will lead to good fortune.” I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

      Shari Krishnan, today's

      ©2004 Our Children Left Behind.

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