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    MAY 1 & 2, 2004 IDEA WEEKLY UPDATE – HERE TO STAY! http://www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT The Our Children Left Behind (OCLB) team is
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2004

      MAY 1 & 2, 2004







      The Our Children Left Behind (OCLB) team is proud and excited to announce our new Yahoo!Group -- OurChildrenLeftBehind.  At the request of many of our visitors, we will be using this new format to distribute the Weekly Updates and other IDEA reauthorization information and alerts.


      This group is NOT a discussion group!  Once you sign up, you will receive AT MOST one e-mail per day from OCLB.  We will continue to maintain our comprehensive ezBoard archives for your convenience (located at http://p078.ezboard.com/bourchildrenleftbehind). 


      To sign up, just go to:




      Or send an e-mail to:




      Now back to your regularly scheduled update:


      In our first Home page article of the week, we issue a warning to those who think they can wear us down.  We may be tired (in fact, we most definitely ARE tired!), but we’re “Here to Stay!”  Not only that, but we’re keeping our eye on the ball and our focus on the future – our kids’ future - as we discuss in “Parents On Target – Parents On Task.  This is not a fight we chose – this fight chose us – but it’s a fight we have to win.  Read “The War Against Families” to see what we mean.  So what can we do to help win this fight?  In a couple of Home page articles this week, we offer some suggestions.  Read “What To Say To Your Representatives” and “The Press. The Wow. Your Stories” to get some ideas.


      For even more ideas on how you can help, many of them very quick and easy (yet very important!), please take a look at the Red Link at the topic of our Home page.  We’ve updated this link to add a few new ideas.  For one thing, we’ve added another sample letter you can use to write to your Senators (this letter comes to us courtesy of the National Down Syndrome Society).  We’ve also added talking points for contacting your House Representatives regarding H.R.1350, and for groups/organizations, we’ve added instructions on how you can sign on to the national sign-on letter opposing S.1248.  Finally, we have instructions on how you can subscribe to our Yahoo!Group.  Please check out our newly updated Red Link right away so you can get started helping win the fight to save IDEA for our kids!


      On our Breaking News page this week, we have IDEA action alerts from two organizations that are opposing the Senate bill.  One is a TASH Action Alert (TASH was one of the earliest groups to come out in opposition to S.1248), and the other is an NDSS Action Alert  (NDSS has recently come out against S.1248).  Check out these alerts to see what else you could be doing to help!


      Also on our Breaking News page, we have information on the May 3 National Call-In Day!  We’ve decided that if they can schedule S.1248 for a vote, then we can muster up the calls against it!  So please call in – check out our “May Day” Call-In Day Announcement and our Sample “May Day” Call-In Script for ideas!  (A less formal announcement of this important event, from a member of the League of Special Education Voters, is posted on The Grapevine.)


      Speaking of The Grapevine, in “Celebrating Our Grassrooters,” we’ve included two calls for letters (one national, one from PA) by parents-turned-activists.  We’re so proud of all of you and the good work you’re doing!


      Finally, on our Message Board this week, we have a visitor’s letter to her Senator (Kennedy) regarding S.1248 (thanks for sharing!).


      Well, it’s been a busy week, but we’re been keeping up, and plan to continue doing so!  We hope you will too!


      Have a great weekend!


      Sandy Alperstein, today’s parentvolunteer@...


      ©2004 Our Children Left Behind


      Our Children Left Behind [OCLB] was created and is owned/operated by parent volunteers (Sandy Alperstein, Tricia & Calvin Luker, Shari Krishnan, and Debi Lewis).  Permission to forward, copy, and/or post this article is granted provided that it is done in its entirety and is attributed to the author(s) and www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com.  For more about OCLB or to share information, please contact parentvolunteer@....


      Sandy, Illinois (alpy2@...)
      Volunteer Co-Webmaster, www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com (IDEA reauthorization)
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