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How to draft comments on the proposed IDEA regs

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  • pluker4856
    The regulations haven t been released yet but we need to get ready. Many parents have never drafted reg comments and these specific recommendations provded by
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2005
      The regulations haven't been released yet but we need to get ready.
      Many parents have never drafted reg comments and these specific
      recommendations provded by Pete Wright at www.wrighslaw.com really

      Thanks to Pete for sharing these with OCLB!

      This is the time for all of us to write clear specific proposed
      changes to a reg and to also present our proposals in person at the
      public hearings. I suggest the following:

      TO: comments@...

      Subject line is simply the regulation #, such as:

      SUBJECT: 34 CFR 333

      (Justesen assured everyone that they would be reading all comments
      and carefully going thru them. Have one email or letter per reg, do
      not combine several comments re different regs in one email or


      Proposed regulation in NPRM

      The second sentence of proposed regulation 34 CFR 333 states as

      "May all dog and pony shows join forces at IEP intimidation meetings
      to . . . "

      My proposed change to regulation

      I propose that the wording of the proposed regulation be changed as

      "May all dog and pony animal shows join forces at IEP parent
      harassment intimidation meetings to . . . "


      IEP meetings are more than just dog and pony shows and have far more
      depth and breadth. Thus I propose deletion of the words, "dog and
      pony" and insert the word "animal" instead. The IEP "intimidation"
      meetings are more accurately characterized as "parent harassment"
      meetings. Thus, to reflect the true nature and character of the
      meetings, I propose that the word "intimidation" be deleted and
      insert the words "parent harassment" in its place.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

      Thank you for the opportunity to provide this comment.

      your name
      mailing address
      email address
      day phone
      evening phone

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      You will want to strike thru the proposed words to be deleted and
      insert your new words in bold italic. Provide that actual language,
      word for word. Don't make the readers guess at what you meant or try
      to read your mind. Tell them exactly how you want it revised. Then,
      very briefly, provide your logic.

      Use lots of carrier returns, no long paragraphs, ever.

      With Outlook Express, after opening new mail to send, click on
      Format, Rich Text (HTML) rather than plain text.

      I am not aware of any way to insert a strike thru of a word using
      Outlook Express, but if you use Microsoft Word and compose your
      email message, you can select the word to strike thru, click on
      Format, Font, Effects, Strikethrough and it is done. Bolding and
      italicizing the newly inserted words is to simply select the word
      (s), then "Control I" and "Control B" or use the icons at the top of
      the screen. Then simply copy your MS Word text into your outgoing
      email and, since you have Formatting turned on, it will retain the
      strikethru's, bolds and italics.

      We are in the home stretch now re IDEA 2004 and all of the energy
      expended keeping the original House version out needs to be
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