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IDEA Weekly Update - Reauthorization Is Complete!

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      NOVEMBER 3-5, 2004


      Yes, folks, it’s official. The President has signed the IDEA bill and it is now law. We are still digesting its provisions and implications, and figuring out how families can best influence the next phase of IDEA reauthorization, the rule-making process.

      We are also taking a break. Not completely closing down shop, but we will not be writing home page commentaries for a while. We need time to rest, think, and enjoy the holidays with our families. Read about our decision in our last Home page article for this year, “Our Next Step? A Hiatus.” We plan to return approximately February 1, 2005, and in the meantime we WILL CONTINUE to update the site frequently. So please keep visiting the site!

      The big news this week is that the new IDEA bill is now law. On our Breaking News page, we have posted the White House press release (including President Bush’s comments upon signing the bill). We also have an EdWorkforce Committee press release, as well as The Latest Scoop from NICHCY and an article from EdWeek. Finally, we have posted a thorough comparison of IDEA ’97 and the new IDEA by COPAA, as well as a brief summary of the new IDEA put together by NAPAS.

      On The Grapevine this week, we have an analysis by advocate Bev Johns, “Greatest Effects on Parents in IDEA 2004.”

      Finally, on our Message Board this week, we have two posts from a new visitor, with a suggestion and also a call for help.

      Again, we will be updating the site frequently between now and February 1st, so please stop by and visit us over the holidays!

      Happy holidays to you all!!

      Sandy Strassman Alperstein, today's parentvolunteer@...

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