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Rumors: Heightened Awareness

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      NOVEMBER 4, 2004


      OCLB Friends,

      We are hearing rumors that the Conference Committee may want to complete their work in less than one week from today. Again, these are rumors that are popping up, so we’d like to know what you are hearing too!

      In anticipation for a rapid wind-up, even prior to all of the legislators returning to the Hill, Jess Butler has prepared a fax campaign for the discipline provisions. She needs your help to make it work. The document is called the “10 Minute Activist: Save IDEA Discipline Protections for Kids” and is located on our Grapevine at:

      All you will need to do is copy and paste the text located on The Grapevine into a document file, print off five copies, and fax them to the numbers provided.

      We have reviewed the document and feel that it is consistent with our messages surrounding discipline and a simple way to send a critical message to the key Conferees.

      Please take 10 minutes today, tonight, or tomorrow morning to participate in this important campaign. A large volume of responses is necessary to yield the biggest bang for our time.

      Thank you, everyone, for your consideration of this task at this difficult time in the history of IDEA. We are aware that you may have already heard about this discipline campaign from another list, but it is an important message and we just want to be sure to reach as many people as possible. This Yahoo list has grown to include over 650 members, so it is likely that we have many members on this list who may not be on some of the others.

      Let us know what you are hearing and we will do the same! Keep in touch.

      Shari Krishnan, today's

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