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466Fwd: -200 Orgs Seek Restraint/Seclusion Legislation (copy of letter to Senate & House)

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  • Sandy Alperstein
    Sep 20 10:10 PM
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      If you know of any groups (formal or informal) that have not yet signed on to this letter in support of strong federal legislation protecting all kids from restraint & seclusion in school, please share and urge them to do so - thanks!
      Also, please consider and encourage others to share their personal stories with their legislators - more than anything, that is what will move this legislation forward! (We realize how personal and painful these stories are, but our legislators need to hear them to understand why this legislation is so important!)
      Sandy Alperstein, Illinois
      Twitter: @alpymom
      Volunteer Co-Webmaster, Our Children Left Behind (http://www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com) (special education advocacy volunteers on a national level); Special Kids, Special Families (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/specialkidsspecialfamilies) (volunteers providing support, education, and advocacy for families with special needs in the NW suburban Chicago area)
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      Subject: -200 Orgs Seek Restraint/Seclusion Legislation (copy of letter to Senate & House)

      Dear all,
      Attached is the most recent letter to Congress expressing concern about the significant use of restraint/seclusion and asking Congress to support legislation to protect school children.  Thank you very much for signing onto the letter.  Over 200 national and state/local organizations signed on. 
      Today, fewer than 1/3 of states protect children from non-emergency use of restraint/seclusion, only 18 states ban restraints that impair breathing, and less than 1/2 the states require parents to be notified (although 20 states have the important policy of 24-hour notification).  Data shows that restraint/seclusion are used disproportionately against children with disabilities and children who are minorities. A 2009 GAO report documented 20 deaths of children in restraint or seclusion in school.
      This most recent letter went to Senator Harkin (Chair Health Education Labor & Pensions Committee), Senator Enzi (Ranking Member, HELP Committee), Congressman Kline (Chair Education & Workforce Committee), and Congressman Miller (Ranking Member, Ed & Workforce Committee), as well as all members of the Senate HELP and House Education & Workforce Committees.
      We are still accepting sign-ons if you know other organizations that would like to join. 
      Thanks again and please feel free to ask any questions.
      Jessica Butler
      Congressional Affairs Coordinator
      Autism National Committee  (AutCom)
      23 years of advocating for children and adults with autism and related disabilities