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433Fwd: OCR releases restraint/seclusion, discipline, and education data for children with disabilities

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  • Alpy2@aol.com
    Mar 6, 2012
      The Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education today released Part II of the 2009-10 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC).  This set of self-reported data--some of it broken out by disability status--covers such issues as college and career readiness, discipline, seclusion/restraint, school finance, and student retention.

      The data is available on OCR’s website for the CRDC, http://ocrdata.ed.gov .
      Some, but not all, data is broken down by disability.  There are general statistics for the district about numbers of children with disabilities, broken down by various categories/factors.  Statistics related to college and career readiness that are broken down by disability status include: high school completion statistics, SAT/ACT participation, IB enrollment, retention in grade, and gifted/talented enrollment.  Statistics related to discipline that are broken down by disability status include restraint/seclusion incidents (the seclusion/restraint data can be broken down further), student arrests, whether school has bullying/harassment policy (not disability specific but can be used as part of disability advocacy), and incidents of bullying/harassment.  There are other statistics related to disability, as well. 

      Other data is available for all children and is broken out for other categories, such as race/ethnicity.  These pertain to children with disabilities because they are children first.  Such data includes teacher qualifications, school district expenditures, career and college information, discipline information, and other statistics.

      The data is available on OCR’s website for the CRDC, http://ocrdata.ed.gov.  At present, data for 2009 is available on a school and school district basis through the 2009 District or School Reports tab, with the ability to compare districts through the Detailed Data Tab.  Longitudinal data and state/national estimations for 2009 are marked "coming soon."

       The Department of Education's press release is here:
      http://www.ed.gov/news/press-releases/new-data-us-department-education-highlights-educational-inequities-around-teache or
       http://ow.ly/9uI95 if you want a short URL. The press release does not focus on or highlight children with disabilities, but this is a detailed report about a great deal of information nationwide and a press release by nature is short. 

      Please feel free to share this post.  Permission to forward is granted.

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