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372S.3895 -- not moving this year

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  • pluker4856
    Nov 9, 2010
      Dear friends;

      S.3895 – Keeping All Students Safe Act, is not moving forward this year and it will be hard to get it through next year because of the number of new members of Congress, the change in control of the House and the expected concentration on Elementary and Secondary Education Act [ESEA]. The work of those seeking federal legislation on eliminating seclusion/restraint has not been in vain. We will have a starting point to begin discussions for next Congress. We just are not optimistic that Congress will as sympathetic to the issue next term as it was this term. We will be keeping you updated in the weeks and months ahead.

      We want to thank everyone who has written letters, told their stories and their families stories and contacted their legislators for the effort. We all must continue to inform our family, our friends and our new legislators about how important it is to keep working to end the use of seclusion and restraint in our nation's schools. In the end, all of us working together, will produce success. Like all good things, however, it will not come easy and evidently, will not come soon.

      The OCLB Team