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  • Alpy2@aol.com
    Jul 6, 2009
      Call-in Day to Support the IDEA Fairness Restoration Act
      NDSS & NDSC Action Alert
      Call-in Day to Support the IDEA Fairness Restoration Act
      If you have questions, please contact Ricki Sabia at rsabia@... or Susan Goodman at Susan@... 
      On Thursday, July 9, 2009, please call your Congressional Representative and ask him/her to cosponsor H.R. 2740, the IDEA Fairness Restoration Act. This bill was introduced in the last legislative session and now is being reintroduced. Ask friends, colleagues, clients, and family members to call too.  It will only take a few minutes. If you can't make the call on July 9th, please call as soon as possible afterwards.
      Dial 202-224-3121 (TTY 202-225-1904).  This is Congress' main switchboard. Ask for your Representative's office.   When you are connected, ask for the Aide who handles education or disability.  If you get voicemail, please leave a message.  Tell them you are a constituent and would like the Congressperson to co-sponsor H.R. 2740, the IDEA Fairness Restoration Act.   You can find out who your Representative is by going to http://capwiz.com/ndss/dbq/officials/?command=local.
      • * The IDEA Fairness Restoration Act, H.R. 2740, will override the Supreme Court's decision in Arlington Central School District v. Murphy (2006) and allow parents who prevail in due process or litigation to be reimbursed for their expert witness fees. It will restore Congress' original intent.
      • * It is a bipartisan bill, introduced by Congressmen Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland) and Pete Sessions (R-Texas).
      • * Most parents turn to due process and litigation only as a last resort. In 2003, the GAO reported that there were only 5 hearings per 10,000 special education students. But when parents have no choice but to go to due process, they should be able to afford expert witnesses, without which, winning a special education case is virtually impossible.
      • * Checkthe list in the next section of the alert to see if your Representative was a cosponsor of the bill in the last legislative session. If that is the case, say thank you and ask him/ her to lend support once again by cosponsoring the reintroduced bill, H.R. 2740. If your Representative was not a prior cosponsor of the bill, use these talking points to explain why the IDEA Fairness Restoration Act is so important and ask him/her to become a cosponsor.
      About NDSS
      The National Down Syndrome Society is a nonprofit organization with more than 250 affiliates nationwide representing the more than 400,000 Americans who have this genetic condition. NDSS is committed to being the national leader in supporting and enhancing the quality of life, and realizing the potential of all people with Down syndrome. We demonstrate this commitment through our education, research and advocacy initiatives that benefit people with Down syndrome and their families. To learn more visit our new website www.ndss.org.
      About NDSC
      The National Down Syndrome Congress is America's oldest national organization of individuals with Down syndrome, their families, friends and the professionals who work with them. NDSC works to promote equal rights and opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome through advocacy, information and education. The NDSC also hosts the world's largest annual gathering of teens and adults with Down syndrome, as well as parents and professionals. For more information, please visit www.ndsccenter.org.
      Sandy, Illinois (alpy2@...)
      Volunteer Co-Webmaster, Our Children Left Behind (http://www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com) (IDEA & NCLB reauthorization)