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2942008 Presidential Candidate Comparision Chart

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  • pluker4856
    Oct 2 5:11 AM
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      The coming presidential election offers a strong opportunity for people
      with disabilities, their families and those who care about disability
      issues to assess the candidates' stand on issues of importance and to
      make an informed selection based on those positions. Here is a link to
      http://www.olrs.ohio.gov/prescompare.htm to the 2008 Presidential
      Candidation positions on disability-related issues prepared by the Ohio
      Legal Rights Service. It does an excellent job setting out Senator
      Obama and McCain's positions on disability related issues.

      We invite you to circulate this list to all of your family and friends
      so that they, too, may know where the candidates stand on the issues
      that are so important to us.

      Thank you!!!