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191IDEA 2004 Updates from NICHCY & CEC (Lots of good info!)

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  • Alpy2@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2006


      NICHCY hopes that you have a splendid Labor Day weekend ahead of you, full of relaxation, good food, and great friends---and, of course, all the hot-off-the-press resources on IDEA 2004 you can hold. We're writing to you today to connect you with the most recent IDEA-related resources, just in case you have extra reading time this holiday weekend.

      Final regulations, anyone?
      You've no doubt heard that final regulations for IDEA 2004 have been published. They're only 307 pages long--- including the comments and analysis of changes--- perfect reading for a 3-day weekend. Pick up your copy of the regs (in PDF), at:

      What's the same, what's not?
      The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) answers this question with its Topic Briefs prepared just for the new regulations.  Hook up with available briefs at:

      More on comparing IDEA 2004 to IDEA 1997.
      Visit NASDSE to order your copy of "The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: Comparison of IDEA Regulations August 3, 2006 to IDEA Regulations March 12, 1999."  (NASDSE is the National Association of State Directors of Special Education.) This book goes section by section through the old and the new regulations, so you'll get your money's worth--- $15 for the treasure.  It won't get to you in time for the Labor Day holiday unfortunately, but you can order it today, using the order form at:

      One-stop IDEA shopping!
      The U.S. Department of Education is pleased to announce the launching of its dedicated Web site to provide a "one-stop shop" for resources related to IDEA 2004 and its implementing regulations. Here you will find the statute, regs, video clips on important topics, links to the toolkit we keep telling you about, a Q&A on IDEA, and more---ever more as time goes by. Visit! Bookmark! Where? Here:

      And last but not least...

      Community-based meetings on IDEA.
      To provide the public with an overview of the new regulations, this fall OSERS (the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services) will be hosting a series of community-based public meetings on IDEA. Each participant will receive a copy of the regulations on CD, as well as a copy of the Tool Kit on Teaching and Assessing Students With Disabilities (also on CD). Other materials will be available in print form, including copies of the three model forms required under the reauthorization: Individualized Education Program (IEP), Notice of Procedural Safeguards, and Prior Written Notice.

      You don't have to register in advance for these public meetings, you don't have to pay a dime. Registration will take place at the door.  Each meeting will begin with a reception at which Assistant Secretary Hager and Director Posny will be available to meet with the attendees on an informal basis. The reception will be followed by a presentation about the regulations, which will include a taped welcome from Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, information about the regulations and the dedicated IDEA Web site (mentioned earlier in this eNews), and an opportunity to ask questions about the regulations and OSERS' implementation plans.

      Any of these dates or towns strike your fancy?
      Charlotte, NC
      Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2006

      Tampa, FL
      Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2006

      Philadelphia, PA
      Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2006

      Seattle, WA
      Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2006

      Minneapolis, MN
      Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2006

      Dallas, TX
      Thursday, Nov. 2, 2006

      Denver, CO
      Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2006

      Sacramento, CA
      Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2006

      For more details, visit:

      And that's it, our Labor Day e-mailing to you! If you'd like more information on IDEA 2004, the reauthorization process, the statute, or analyses on changes in the law, please do visit NICHCY's IDEA pages, beginning at:

      Our best to you,

      P.O. Box 1492
      Washington, DC 20013
      1.800.695.0285 (V/TTY)

      CEC Update:


      Following is the link to this weeks CEC Public Policy Update  for
      September 1, 2006, it includes the following topics:

      -Department of Education Unveils New IDEA Website
      -IDEA Resources Made Easily Accessible
      -Special Education Policy Makers Brief Broad Audience at OSEP
      Leadership Conference
      -Final Regulations on NCLB 2 Percent Flexibility Expected Around New
      -Rehabilitation Services Administration Holds 2006 National Employment
      Conference - Employment and Disability: Transition into High-Demand
      -Government Report Highlights Challenges to Implementing Head Start
      Transportation Regulations

      For more information, log onto:



      Sandy, Illinois (alpy2@...)
      Volunteer Co-Webmaster, www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com (IDEA reauthorization)