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172Dept. of Ed IDEA 2004 Resource - Children Placed in Private Schools

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  • Alpy2@aol.com
    Mar 18, 2006
      Troy R. Justesen, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of
      Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) at the
      U.S. Department of Education is pleased to share with you news
      of the release of some helpful information about students with
      disabilities placed by their parents in private schools.


      A useful online resource for school districts and parents about
      how the reauthorized Individuals with Disabilities Education
      Act (IDEA) provides for students with disabilities enrolled by
      their parents in private elementary schools and secondary
      schools is now available on the Department's Web site. Titled
      Questions and Answers on Serving Children with Disabilities
      Placed by Their Parents at Private Schools, this resource was
      developed in response to queries from state officials, elected
      representatives and parents since a change to IDEA became
      effective on July 1, 2005. This resource is posted to the IDEA
      2004 Resources Web page at

      The statutory revisions to the IDEA in 2004 significantly
      changed the obligation of states and local education agencies
      (LEAs) to children with disabilities enrolled by their parents
      in private elementary and secondary schools. While previously
      it was the responsibility of the LEAs in which the parents
      resided to conduct child find and provide equitable services to
      these students, that responsibility has now shifted to the LEAs
      in which the private schools are located.

      Questions and Answers address such topics as child find and
      individual evaluations for parentally placed private school
      children, the provision of equitable services, and preschool
      and out-of-state parentally placed private school children with

      Questions and Answers is the latest resource added to the IDEA
      2004 Resources Web page, intended to assist educators, students
      and families.

      Sandy, Illinois (alpy2@...)
      Volunteer Co-Webmaster, www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com (IDEA reauthorization)
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