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165New IDEA 2004 Webpage Available

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  • Alpy2@aol.com
    Jan 6, 2006
      COPAA has updated and greatly expanded our IDEA
      '04 webpage resources.  It now includes: the full
      text of IDEA '04 & '97; COPAA's comparison
      between IDEA '04 and IDEA '97; the IDEA 04 and 97
      legislative history; the current proposed regs,
      the 1999 regs, etc.; COPAA's comments on the regs
      and IDEA legislation; the 1983 regs (the only
      free electronic copy we know of); and more.
      COPAA's revised IDEA '04 webpage is here:

      Special thanks to COPAA's volunteer webmaster,
      Candace Cortiella, who did an incredible amount
      of work to get this all uploaded and to make the
      expanded page work right.  Without Candace's
      dedication and hard work over the weekend, none
      of this could have been done. 
      Sandy, Illinois (alpy2@...)
      Volunteer Co-Webmaster, www.ourchildrenleftbehind.com (IDEA reauthorization)