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Colchester (snot)

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  • Billy.
    I have been known to give Colchester a fair bit of stick in the past as you have noticed. Whilst I stand by the fact that 99% of the inhabitants of this town
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2004
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      I have been known to give Colchester a fair bit of stick in the past
      as you have noticed.
      Whilst I stand by the fact that 99% of the inhabitants of this town
      are backward, relative marrying half wits and their love of live
      music only extends as far as The Wurzels and the Barron
      Knights...there is a good thing I can say about Colchester, and feel
      it only fair that I do so to even up the arguament against this town.

      Colchester has 2 shops that cannot be found in any other part of the
      country as far as I am aware (although I have heard rumours that the
      second shop is opening up a branch in Harlow)
    • Otway
      Hi I know most of you will be getting this twice now, but just in case any of you are not in my e-mail address book - I thought I d post it here as well. I ve
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 2, 2004
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        I know most of you will be getting this twice now, but just in case any of
        you are not in my e-mail address book - I thought I'd post it here as well.

        I've put a copy up on my web site


        If someone could add a note to that effect on the Otnews site I'd be




        Here's the dates for the Autumn and a copy of my next newsletter that's
        going out next week.

        As you can see things are moving pretty swiftly - I'm in the studio next
        week recording the tracks for a new album.



        SEPTEMBER 2004

        Fri 3rd Hertford Marquee (Duo) 01992 414242

        Sat 4th Putney Half Moon (Band) 0208 780 9383

        Sun 5th Aylesbury Park Life Festival(Band)

        Thurs 9th Middlesborough Liberties Longlands Road (Duo) 01287 205370

        Fri 10th Skegness The Farm 01754 871445

        Sat 11th Leicester The Musician (Duo) 0116 283 5533

        Fri 17th Coventry Jailhouse (Solo) + Murray

        Sat 18th Hastings Word About Town Festival (Solo)

        Sun 19th & Mon 20th Henley Crooked Billet Stoke Row 01491 681048
        (Caberet acoustic show with Wild Willy Barrett)

        Weds 22nd Cambridge The Junction (Duo) + Hamsters 01223 511511

        Thurs 23rd Burton on Trent Belvedere Park (Duo) + Hamsters 01283 531111

        Fri 24th Doncaster Lonsdale Hotel (Duo) 01302 768 504

        OCTOBER 2004

        Fri 1st Brentford F.C Stripes (Solo) 0870 900 9229

        Sat 2nd MEAN FIDLER (downstairs at the Astoria) (Band)
        WORLD TOUR LAUNCH AND BIRTHDAY BASH with special guests

        Fri 8th & Sat 9th Aylesbury Limelight Theatre 01296 424332

        Sat 23rd Market Harborough Leisure Centre with the Hamsters 01858 44 66 62

        Thurs 28th Stockton on Tees The Arc (with Attila doing Cheryl)<tr>

        Fri 29th Redhill Harlequin Theatre (Duo) + Hamsters 01737 765547

        Sat 30th Sheffield Boardwalk 0114 279 9090

        NOVEMBER 2004

        Sat 13th Frome Cheese And Grain (Duo) + Hamsters 01373 455420

        Sun 14th Kingston Grey Horse

        Sat 20th / Sun 21s Dunkerque Weekend
        e-mail with your postal address for info pack

        Fri 26th Falmouth Princess Pavillion (Band) + Hotrods 01326 211222

        Sat 27th Bristol Fleece

        DECEMBER 2004

        Fri 3rd Gillingham Beacon Court Hotel (Band) 01634 853186

        Sat 4th Putney Half Moon (Band) 0208 780 9383

        Wed 8th Bilston Robin2 (Duo) 01902 401211

        Thurs 9th Crewe Limelight (Duo) 01270 251929

        Sat 11th Blackheath. Concert Hall (Duo) + Hamsters 0208 463 0100

        Sat 18th Coventry Jailhouse (Band)


        Dear All,
        For a long time after my big Top Ten Hit record, I really did not know what
        I should do next,

        I did not know if there was anything which would come anywhere near the
        euphoria of being in the charts. But lying in bed one morning, I thought
        that now could possibly be the time to achieve a long standing ambition of
        mine to do a World Tour.

        Years ago I had a plan to buy a round the world ticket and do a gig at every
        plane stop. The more I thought about it, lying in bed, basking in my recent
        glory, the more I realised that these were the dreams of a one hit wonder, I
        was now in a position to do things properly and not scrimp and cut corners.

        I was now an established artist and should act like one. So, I started by
        coming at the world tour from the opposite direction. Instead of trying to
        work out what I could afford, I just asked myself what is the biggest
        aircraft in the world and what are the most prestigious venues.

        The answer to the first was the Boeing 747, and the answer to the second The
        Carnegie Hall, New York; Caesar's Palace Las Vegas, Sydney Opera House, and
        the Royal Albert Hall.

        It was time to get out of bed and use Google.

        It turns out that you can get a 747 for a couple of weeks to circumnavigate
        the globe for under a million quid, and both the Carnegie hall and Sydney
        Opera House have within their complexes halls that hold around 600 people.
        It started to look feasible.

        The clincher for me was when I explained my idea to a friend at a party, he
        said "Oh, why don't you catch the 2006 total eclipse of the sun in Turkey on
        your way around. If you're taking your own plane you can always take off
        again and get a good view of the event if it turns out to be a bit cloudy".

        Two other ideas came up, one was that you could put your name, or anything
        else you like on your jumbo. So instead of something boring, like ´Virgin´,
        I'm going to have OTAIR on the tail plane, and have OTAIR check-in desks at
        the major airports of the world. The other idea that has been suggested is
        as well as the big venues and the eclipse, is that because of the song, we
        should not only play ´Geneve´ in Geneva, but we should have a ´Geneva
        Convention´ for all those who can't do the whole world tour but would like
        to join in.

        I put the idea up on my website and the response has been magnificent. I
        feel certain there will be the necessary 300 to fill the jet for the tour,
        and I think the Geneva Convention trip could be very popular too.

        One thing that occurred to me, though was that I needed to book up the
        venues and organise quite a few aspects of the tour before tickets actually
        go on sale.

        Most people think that successful pop stars like myself are incredibly rich.
        However such perceptions are not entirely accurate. I have had to be
        creative in order to generate the cash to make all the arrangements. So, I
        am at this moment writing songs and getting material together for the ´Album
        To Fund The World Tour´, which we aim to have ready for the World Tour
        launch, at the Astoria October 2nd.

        If you want to order your copy early, you can on the form with this letter -
        I hope you are excited as I am to hear the first new album of new songs I
        have done since Premature Adulation, over 10 years ago. Your early ordering
        will help us to get the tour going too...!

        There's a really good Icelandic artist is called Eberg who has a promising
        single called ´Dreamchild´. When I advised Eberg about how you make Hit
        records I explained to him how having people singing on the B-side did the
        trick. I sang on a cover version he's recorded of one of my songs - Murder
        Man - to get him started. He said "Great that'll do" and put my name on the
        cover. He somehow didn't appreciate that to do it properly you needed
        another 999 people. If you fancy hearing it and giving him a hand though,
        the single is out in the shops on October 11th on Rotator.

        A couple of months ago, I teamed up again with Wild Willy Barrett for a
        one-off show at the Crooked Billet near Henley on Thames. We had such a good
        time we decided to scrap the one-off idea and do it again. The venue is
        lovely and worth a visit so in case you fancy going along, but don't want to
        see me, I have enclosed details of the other shows coming up as well.

        A lot of you will know by now that Richard Holgarth has been playing guitar
        with Eddie and the Hot Rods. He's just produced their new album and a great
        job he's done with it too, so I thought I'd give it a plug visit their web
        site http://www.eddieandthehotrods.com if you want to know more

        Love and or best wishes,

        John Otway

        If you want To help out and order the New Album early


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