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Training In Trauma Resolution (Somatic Experiencing®) in November/December 2009 Byron Bay with Diane PooleHeller

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  • Kalakeli
    A weekend Overview of Somatic Experiencing® - Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th November This weekend training will give a comprehensive introduction to this
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      A weekend Overview of Somatic Experiencing® - Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th

      This weekend training will give a comprehensive introduction to this
      profoundly effective approach to Healing Trauma providing many tools that
      can then be incorporated into your daily life and into your work as a
      therapist or bodyworker.

      Part 2: December 1st and 2nd ­ Healing Attachment Issues
      Part 3: December 6th to 9th ­ Healthy Adult Relating
      Part 4: December 11th to 14th ­ Healing Sensuality and Sexuality

      > Recommended for those wanting to explore and resolve their own trauma and for
      > professional therapists
      > and body workers who will learn how to recognise and treat unresolved trauma
      > in their clients.
      > Unresolved trauma impacts all areas of our lives. When integrated and
      > delicately understood our suffering can provide the seed for becoming freer,
      > more mature human beings with the capacity for greater awareness of how to
      > navigate gracefully through our lives and steer a course bound for our true
      > purpose. This is an integrated teaching approach that will serve both
      > therapist and client. This in-depth training combines psychology, science &
      > spirituality with artful teaching; incorporating the Somatic Experiencing®
      > work of Dr Peter A Levine and others with Dr. Diane Poole Heller's many years
      > of experience (see below).
      > This ground-breaking work is usually only available in America & Europe ­ we
      > are inviting you to join us for a unique opportunity to experience and be
      > trained in this work at a fraction of the cost with one of the most
      > experienced senior teachers of the SE® approach to healing trauma.
      > http://www.drdianepooleheller.com
      > Dr. Diane Poole Heller, PhD, of Louisville, Colorado, USA, is an established
      > expert in the field of trauma resolution, with 30 years experience in
      > spiritual exploration. Her book "Crash Course," an explanation of how to
      > resolve auto accident trauma has been published in the US and internationally
      > and is used as a guide for healing general trauma. Dr. Heller began her work
      > with Peter Levine, founder of the "Somatic Experiencing" (SE) method of trauma
      > resolution in 1989, and has served on Foundation for Human Enrichment (FHE)
      > teaching team since 1992. As a Senior Faculty member for FHE she teaches SE in
      > the US and abroad, including Denmark, Italy, Germany and others. She has
      > created a highly successful series of media resources for SE practitioners and
      > others interested in healing. As dynamic speaker and teacher she has been
      > featured at prestigious international seminars and conferences and is the
      > author of numerous articles in the field, including a CNN video production
      > dealing with the Columbine High School tragedy. As president of Trauma
      > Solutions, a psychotherapy training organization, and with a limited private
      > practice, Dr. Heller has concentrating her efforts to support the SE community
      > through an array of SE and other workshops.
      > Cutting edge brain and nervous system research has shown how body-oriented
      > psychotherapy has distinct advantages to clearing fear and trauma from the
      > body. Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-oriented psychotherapy approach,
      > developed by Dr. Peter A. Levine. He has developed a therapeutic approach that
      > teaches clients how to track sensation in the body to illicit the intrinsic
      > healing capacity that all humans share.
      > This exciting method effectively enhances support of trauma survivors. It
      > efficiently alleviates devastating symptoms such as dissociation, grief and
      > loss, pain and the overall emotional, cognitive and physical distress so often
      > lodged in body and soul. A method integrating mind and body, the client is
      > taught and guided in gradually reducing the echoes of trauma by consciously
      > listening to the sensations of the body and cycling between locations of
      > distress and locations of comfort.
      > Examples of the practical applications of the SE model will be taught through
      > a dynamic interplay of lecture and DVD presentations of actual client
      > sessions.
      > If you would like more information please visit
      > http://www.globalspiritevents.com
      > or contact Kalakeli at info@...

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      The Old Church
      Coolamon Scenic Drive
      NSW 2479

      Tel: (+61) 2 66848097
      Mobile: (+61) 0405 929670

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