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[occ] Attacks On Serb Civilians and their Churches in Kosovo Continued

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  • Fr. Sava by way of Apostolos Koutsimbos
    PRESS RELEASE Attacks on Serb civilians and their Churches in Kosovo Continued Gracanica Monastery, March 1, 2000 In the last several days the anti-Serb
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2000

      Attacks on Serb civilians and their Churches in Kosovo Continued

      Gracanica Monastery, March 1, 2000

      In the last several days the anti-Serb ethnic violence in Kosovo has
      dramatically increased. We are constantly receiving reports from the
      ground on various acts of violence, harassments, threats and murders.

      On Sunday, Feb 27, at 20.30 six mortars were fired on the Visoki Decani
      Monastery. They fell and exploded in the monastery garden, thirty meters
      south from the Monastery church built in 1327. The mortars exploded in
      the very vicinity of the Italian KFOR checkpoint. This heinous attack on
      the only remaining Serb community in the area has greatly disturbed the
      brotherhood and the Italian soldiers. The monastery was threatened many
      times so far by the local Albanian extremists who want to destroy this
      Medieval Christian shrine as well as more than 80 other Orthodox
      churches destroyed after the end of the war. The attack occurred on the
      eve of the Albanian celebration of the founding of KLA.

      On Friday, Feb 25, the Serbian Orthodox priests from Gnjilane confirmed
      that exactly at 20.00 unknown assailants threw a grenade on the Western
      portal of the Serb Orthodox cathedral of St. Nicholas. The explosion
      damaged the improvised tent under which Serb elementary school children
      attend lessons because they are not allowed by local Albanians to go to
      a regular school. The entrance of the church and the tent were damaged
      in this attack.

      On Saturday, Feb 26, around at 8.00 in the morning a respected Serb
      doctor gynecologist JOSIF VASIC (38) was shot in Gnjilane. Unknown
      assailants shot four hits on Vasic who died soon after. At the end of
      January 2000 a Serb woman MITRA VASIC from the Klobukar village near
      Gnjilane was killed by Albanian extremists. She was slaughtered and
      stabbed by a sharp pole while her house with her body were set on fire.

      The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren is outraged by such an
      escalation of ethnic violence against the remaining Kosovo Serbs in the
      Province. These attacks unfortunately prove that Kosovo is still a
      lawless place and that the goal of the ethnic Albanian extremists
      remains to ethnically cleanse the southern Serbia’s province and drive
      all remaining Serbs and non-Albanians out of Kosovo.

      It is more than 8 months that such crimes are being carried by ethnic
      Albanians with impunity in the presence of the international
      peacekeepers and the UN mission.

      In the same time Albanian extremist press published in Pristina is
      strongly attacking Bishop Artemije. In his editorial, Skender Buçpapaj,
      editor-in-chief of Bota Sot newspaper openly violated Dr. Kouchner’s
      regulation on hate speech and spilled out all kinds of lies and insults
      on the Serb Orthodox hierarch. On the other hand extremist Serb media
      from Belgrade continue with their accusations that the Serbian Orthodox
      Church with Bishop Artemije has betrayed the Serbian people. Such
      attacks in extremist media clearly demonstrate that the moderate
      position of Bishop Artemije and the Serb National Council to which late
      Dr. Vasic belonged too is branded as the most serious enemy of
      extremists on both sides.



      Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Kosovo and Metohija
      Gracanica Monastery, Pristina,
      Kosovo and Metohija



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