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Open Letter to Archb. Christodoulos (excerpt)

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  • joseph hostetler
    Opening line from the Open Letter to Archbishop Christodoulos by Fr. Theodore Zisis It is our hope that the struggle and response of the fullness of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2001
      Opening line from the "Open Letter to Archbishop Christodoulos" by Fr. Theodore Zisis

      "It is our hope that the struggle and response of the fullness of the Church, of pious Orthodox
      Christians, those who are witnesses of faith and actively connected to the body of the church, would
      have moved your mind and heart forward to a change of the decision of the Permenant Holy Synod - a
      decision by which you consented to be a party to the reception of, and rendering of honor to, the
      antichrist and pan-heretical pope of Rome, transgressed the Gospel of Christ, trampled down the holy
      canons, insulted the Saints who struggled against the pope, and opened the gate for the wolves to
      enter into the Church." . . .

      This letter is one small part of the widespread counteraction of priests and faithful to the
      decision of the Archbishop of Athens to welcome and meet with (three times) the heretical pope of
      Rome this Friday and Saturday. Last Friday evening, an all night vigil was held on Mount Olympus at
      the Monastery of St. Dionysios of Mount Olympus, with clergy and monastics from monasteries and
      parishes throughout Greece, including elders and abbots from Mount Athos.

      This Wednesday at 5 pm, Fr. Theodore Zisis, professor of Theology at the University of Thessaloniki,
      and Fr. George Metallinos, professor of Theology at the University of Athens, will speak to a
      gathering to be held in front of the Archbishop's residence in Athens. And on Friday,
      demonastrations are planned throughout the day in Athens.
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