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Re: [OrthodoxNews] Violence Against Women ­ ChristianPerspective

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      Violence Against Women ­ ChristianPerspectiv e

      The MECC Women¹s program in Egypt organized a one-day seminar in St. Mina
      church in Alexandria, on November 24 on the theme ³Violence against Women ­
      A Christian Perspective" . After welcoming the 100 participants, the
      director of the Unit on Education & Renewal shared his reflection on the
      theme stating that "violence is an inhuman language that does not reflect
      the Christian understanding of life which is based on dialogue and mutual
      respect". A Bible study was conducted on the role of women at the time of
      our Lord Jesus, and later in the Church. Keynote speaker Dr. Nadia Halim,
      Professor of Sociology at the Cairo University underlined that the
      international community was able in the last few decades to give the woman a
      role in the society and yet remained unable to stop considering her as a
      "secondary person". Dr Halim defined violence as anything that hurts the
      other. She also talked about types of violence, reasons behind violence, and
      the Christian perspective in overcoming violence against women. A short
      film in Arabic entitled "Al-Shok" showed some sad and tough situations lived
      by women in the Egyptian society. For further information, please contact
      Dr. Samiah Faraj, Women¹s Program Coordinator in Egypt at:
      visionking2000@ hotmail.com

      Middle East Council of Churches
      Office of International Ecumenical Relations P.O. Box 5376, Beirut, Lebanon

      Guirgis Ibrahim Saleh, General Secretary mecc@cyberia. net.lb or
      guirgissaleh@ cyberia.net. lb

      http://www.mec- churches. org/

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