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Alexei II's Vicar to Pray For Bulgaria's Children

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://international.ibox.bg/news/id_1165535466 Alexei II s Vicar to Pray For Bulgaria s Children Updated on: 02.07.2008, 11:37 30 Russian bishops will pray
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2008

      Alexei II's Vicar to Pray For Bulgaria's Children

      Updated on: 02.07.2008, 11:37

      30 Russian bishops will pray for the health of the Bulgarian children
      in front of the three miraculous icons of Virgin Mary. The relics
      will be again in Sofia on Thursday under the initiative of "Standard"
      newspaper, Darik radio and BTV and with the blessing of the Holy
      Synod. At 6 p.m. ion 3 July Bulgarian patriarch Maxim will hold a
      service for blessing Bulgarian children and their families.

      The Russian cleric delegation will join the initiative right at its
      arrival in Bulgarian on Friday. The delegation is headed by the
      bishop of the Russian orthodox church Alexei, vicar of the patriarch
      of Moscow and of All-Russia Alexei II.

      The miraculous icons will leave for the second time their temples
      under the initiative of the three media. A year ago, they gathered in
      Sofia withing the frame of the "You are not alone" mission for the
      salvation of the nurses in Libya. Then, over a million of Bulgarians
      prayed for the liberation of the medics but also for the health and
      happiness of their relatives.

      On 3rd July the whole cleric and secular elite of Bulgaria will
      gather on the square of the St. Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Sofia.
      All bishops from the Holy Synod will be there. Politicians,
      musicians, actors and intellectuals and their families are expected
      to take part united in their faith in the future of Bulgaria's children.

      The relics will arrive in the capital at 5.30 p.m. They will be
      traveling simultaneously on three rays, in armored cars and with a
      police cordon.

      The icons will stay in the cathedral until there are people who want
      to light a candle. The temple's doors will be opened non-stop.
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