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Statement of the Faculty of St Vladimir's Seminary

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://www.svots.edu/ Statement of the Faculty of St Vladimir s Seminary On March 31, 2008, the Faculty Council of St Vladimir s Orthodox Theological Seminary,
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      Statement of the Faculty of St Vladimir's Seminary

      On March 31, 2008, the Faculty Council of St
      Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, meeting
      at the Seminary, issued the following statement:

      To the Orthodox Faithful in America

      We, the faculty of St Vladimir's Seminary, have
      been troubled by the problems that have plagued
      the Orthodox Church in America over recent years.
      Until now we have not spoken out, hoping that the
      regular ecclesial structures of the Church would
      be able to restore peace and stability. The
      continued suffering of our Church, however, and
      now the plight of the Alaskan faithful, our
      brothers and sisters in Christ, have both alarmed
      us and deeply pained us, to the point where we
      feel compelled to speak. We stand with the
      priests, deacons, and faithful who have
      courageously spoken out about their untenable situation.
      St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological SeminaryTo the
      Beloved Hierarchs of the Orthodox Church in America

      Although we are all accountable to one another
      before God, the high vocation of oversight
      pertains in a unique way to you, the bishops. Our
      sincere hope is that you will not neglect the
      gift granted to you, the calling to preserve the
      body and lead the faithful, listening attentively
      to the needs and concerns of the whole people of
      God — clergy and laity alike — in the spirit of
      love and gentleness. We implore you to be
      diligent in these matters, since, as the Apostle
      teaches, you will thereby save both yourself and your flock.

      Our Fervent Hope

      Conciliarity, unity, and transparency — the
      vision of the first pastors of the Orthodox
      Church in America — have apparently been
      abandoned. The Alaskan situation is more than
      simply the most recent manifestation of this
      tragedy. When one member suffers, the whole body
      suffers, and so the whole Church is in pain when
      an entire diocese is afflicted. We stand at a
      seismic moment: the future of the Orthodox Church in America is at risk.

      We strive to live as faithful, responsible
      Christians under the leadership of our bishops,
      who will answer to God the Father for the Church
      entrusted to them. We therefore pray that the
      Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America live
      up to their high calling as imitators of Christ
      and pastors of their flock. With the whole
      Church, we are prayerfully and anxiously awaiting
      a righteous resolution to these matters.

      Priest John Behr
      Archpriest Chad Hatfield

      Archpriest Paul Tarazi
      Archpriest Steven Belonick
      Economos Harry Pappas
      Archpriest John Erickson
      Priest Alexander Rentel
      Deacon Kevin Smith
      Dr Paul Meyendorff
      Dr John Barnet
      Dr Peter Bouteneff
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