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A marvellous meeting in a beautiful and very pleasant atmosphere

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://www.cyprus-mail.com/news/main.php?id=37933&cat_id=1 A marvellous meeting in a beautiful and very pleasant atmosphere By Jacqueline Theodoulou THE
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2008

      'A marvellous meeting in a beautiful and very pleasant atmosphere'
      By Jacqueline Theodoulou

      THE ARCHBISHOP of Cyprus has stressed the need for unity among all
      Greek Cypriots in order to accomplish more for the Cyprus problem.

      Speaking after his meeting with President Demetris Christofias
      yesterday, Archbishop Chrysostomos said the two had had "a marvellous
      meeting in a beautiful and very pleasant atmosphere", holding a
      discussion on general issues.

      "Nothing separates us from Demetris," said Archbishop Chrysostomos,
      who twice backed Christofias' rivals in the elections, first
      President Tassos Papadopoulos, then when he was eliminated in the
      first round, Ioannis Kasoulides. Christofias had himself backed
      Chrysostomos' rival Bishop Nikiforos of Kykkos in the elections for a
      new archbishop in 2006.

      "We told him that we would gladly stand by his side," the Archbishop
      said yesterday.

      He added: "We agree that there is a need for unity among the people
      if we are to accomplish anything.
      "I told him that I believe he will succeed because he is very
      communicative and taking into consideration our adversaries and the
      fact that they do not leave many margins, where they won't agree with
      something, I am certain that they will be exposed".

      Asked if he felt the need for a mea culpa stance over his public
      intervention in the presidential elections, he said this was old news
      that needed to remain in the past. "We are looking forward; there is
      nothing that divides us."

      He added that the Church had always had an active say in the national
      issue, which he said would continue with his co-operation with the
      new President. "The national issue is something that concerns all of
      us; it is not just an issue for the President or the government."

      The Archbishop said he agreed on most issues with Christofias. "I
      don't think it is right for me to speak on behalf of the President,
      but during our meeting and exchange of views, we agreed totally."

      Asked if he approved of Andreas Demetriou's appointment as the new
      Education Minister, the Archbishop said he had not got the chance to
      discuss the issue, but added that he had scheduled a meeting with the
      new minister soon.

      "What we desire is for us to stay true to our Christian and national
      roots. The President of the Republic does not disagree; he is
      Christian Orthodox, not of another religion," said Chrysostomos.
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