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Templars in Moscow??

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    http://www.interfax-religion.com/?act=news&div=4023 2007-12-04 17:51:00 St. Daniel monastery bears traces of Templars’ stay in Moscow – Moscow, December 4,
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      2007-12-04 17:51:00
      St. Daniel monastery bears traces of Templars� stay in Moscow �

      Moscow, December 4, Interfax � Representatives of medieval knights Templar order could settle down in Russia after being exiled from France in the early 15th century and even could bring to Moscow the order�s treasury � such version of Knight Templar historical destiny is presented in Izvestia-Nauka on Tuesday.

      According to the version, on the eve of the repressions initiated by the French King Philip the Handsome, Knights Templars secretly took the order�s treasures and set off from Paris to the unknown direction on eighteen galleys. And it was in 1307 that Moscow Prince Yury Danilovich, while being in Novgorod, met some pilgrims coming on eighteen ships, who brought �immeasurable multitude of gold treasury, pearls, and precious stones�. They bowed down to the prince, complained to him of �all the untruth of the prince of Gaul and the Pope�.

      Authors of this theory also insist that Moscow was a base station or a komturia of the Templar knights. According to the scripts, knights or servicemen who came to Moscow from the Horde, Lithuania, and �from German people� in 1305-1314 were Templars who escaped inquisition and French king�s prosecutions.

      Architecture of St. Daniel monastery in Moscow also speaks for the theory. The first balcony of the monastery�s gate church is decorated with the Templars emblem which is a white square frame, four rings cut the square�s angles and a six-petal rose in the center.

      The Vatican published 700 pages of clandestine archives on the Templars in late October. One of the documents, the Shannon manuscript narrates that Pope Clement V of Rome carried out an investigation early in the 14th century and cancelled the accusations in heresy the order�s knights had faced before, though many of them had been tried and Templar grand master Jacques de Molay had been burnt at the stake.

      The Vatican collected documents were issued in the limited edition of 799 copies; the price of each is 5900 euro. The 800th copy will be given to Pope Benedict XVI free of charge.

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