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"Go Green" Initiative Launched at SVS

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    Go Green Initiative Launched Think cosmically and act personally, urged Dr Elizabeth Theokritoff, in her keynote speech to students, faculty, and staff
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
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      "Go Green" Initiative Launched

      "Think cosmically and act personally," urged Dr Elizabeth
      Theokritoff, in her keynote speech to students, faculty, and staff
      of St Vladimir's Seminary, which launched a campus-wide
      initiative for environmental sustainability, conceived and
      planned by Very Rev. Chad Hatfield, chancellor of the school.

      The initiative, begun Friday, September 28, 2007 will
      encompass a broad range of practicesfrom cost-saving energy
      measures to cooperative recycling efforts with city and county
      agencies to addressing the level of pollutants in Crestwood Lake,
      which adjoins seminary property that will become part of the
      seminary's fabric into the future. Fr. Chad also announced that
      St. Vladimir's would become a corporate member of The
      Fellowship of the Transfiguration,an environmental agency
      under the umbrella of the Standing Conference of Orthodox
      Bishops (SCOBA).

      In her talk, Dr Theokritoff played off the more popular slogan
      for environmental concerns, "Think globally and act locally,"
      and instead viewed ecological crises from a theological
      perspective, incorporating vignettes and sayings from the church
      fathers that demonstrated their own attitudes and practices
      toward creation. Her address, entitled "I Believe in the Creator
      of Heaven and Earth," particularly focused on Orthodox
      theology as possessing the core beliefs required to transform the
      environmental movement from merely an exercise in corporate
      citizenship to one in which the goals are the glorification of the
      Creator and the ability to perceive the image of God in all

      Touching upon the Orthodox practice of asceticism, she further
      noted, "We cannot just practice the '3 R's' of the popular
      ecological movement 'Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.' Rather, as
      Orthodox Christians, we practice a fourth, to 'Reign in our
      appetites,' since all seemingly private choices have global
      consequences." We have a different agenda [than the popular
      environmental movement], even though we cooperate with each
      other. "Christians bring revelation to the secular cause," she
      stated. "And, in the end, nothing is 'secular' any longer, because
      of the Incarnation of our Lord as 'cosmic dust' and because of his
      Crucifixion under the open sky."

      Dr Theokritoff, who completed her doctorate in liturgical
      theology under the supervision of Bishop Kallistos (Ware),
      currently is writing a theology of creation for the Foundations
      series from St Vladimir's Seminary Press.

      Also present at the launch, at the invitation of Fr Chad, was
      Kenneth Greehan, Manager of the Department of Public Works
      for the City of Yonkers, who informed the seminary community
      of the city's waste management efforts, and who fielded
      questions regarding recycling opportunities.

      The day long program ended with the distribution of
      ecological-related materials to the campus community, and with
      workshops on various environmental topics.


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