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American Orthodox Institute, AGAIN Magazine Collaborate for Special Issue

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  • Teresa A. Polychronis
    http://www.aoiusa.org/main/page.php?page_id=88 ... The American Orthodox Institute Collaborates with AGAIN Magazine for a Special Issue: Orthodox Leadership
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      The American Orthodox Institute Collaborates with AGAIN Magazine for a Special Issue: "Orthodox Leadership in a Brave New World"

      NAPLES, Fla., (Oct. 1, 2007) -- The American Orthodox Institute and AGAIN Magazine, published by Conciliar Press Ministries, announced the publication of a special issue titled, "Orthodox Leadership in a Brave New World."

      The Fall 2007 issue features a lead article by Rev. Johannes L. Jacobse, president of the American Orthodox Institute, that examines the contentious "culture wars" of recent decades in a new light.

      "Every reader is familiar with the hot-button conflicts -- teen sexuality, homosexual marriage, abortion, the Terri Schiavo dilemma -- that have been fought in the public arena," Rev Jacobse writes. "The political arena will always remain a venue for moral conflicts, but we sell ourselves short if we conclude that the political dimension is the arena where these questions will find their final resolution."

      Drawing on the Orthodox Christian moral tradition, which finds its sources in the Bible and patristic teachings, he called for a broader involvement in public life by the Church.

      "If Orthodox Christians should understand anything, it is this: Salvation is a concrete, existential encounter with the living God," Rev. Jacobse said. "Moreover, this Lord gives gifts, including wisdom, knowledge, insight, and courage -- all the elements needed to confront the maelstrom of confusion in which our culture finds itself, and all meant to be applied in the work of daily life, whether as mother, researcher, mechanic, priest -- whatever our vocation may be."

      Also in the Fall 2007 issue of AGAIN, Rev. John Schroedel looks at rapidly advancing medical technology and the ethical questions it raises in "Human Enhancement and the Quest for Perfection."

      Rev. Schroedel, a research fellow at the American Orthodox Institute, points out that even as Christians enjoy the fruits of new technologies, they should understand that the "real journey of transcendence" is not outer, material or technological, but inner, spiritual, and grounded in obedience and communion.

      "Whether a particular treatment or application is appropriate will depend a great deal on where it takes us -- whether it helps draw us closer to God or drives us away from Him -- and what means are used to get there," Rev. Schroedel writes.

      The AGAIN articles by Rev. Jacobse and Rev. Schroedel have been published on the newly launched American Orthodox Institute Web site: www.aoiusa.org

      Visit Conciliar Press Ministries at http://www.conciliarpress.com/

      The American Orthodox Institute, based in Naples, Fla., is a research and educational organization that engages the cultural issues of the day within the Orthodox Christian moral tradition. AOI is non-profit, non-partisan and is supported by Orthodox Christians in all Church jurisdictions. Visit the AOI Web site at www.aoiusa.org


      For the media: To arrange an interview with Rev. Johannes L. Jacobse or Rev. John Schroedel, please contact John Couretas at (616) 813-8941 or jcouretas[at]aoiusa.org

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