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OCANews..Midwest Votes: No Confidence, No Money, No +Herman

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    http://www.ocanews.org/news/MidwestAssembly10.6.07.html 10.6.07 Midwest Votes: No Confidence, No Money, No +Herman • Two Day Meeting Closes With Four
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007


      Midwest Votes: No Confidence, No Money, No +Herman

      � Two Day Meeting Closes With Four Resolutions
      � "No Confidence" Passes 80-24
      � "Continued Withholding" Passes 88-19
      � "+Herman Step Down" Passes 95-10
      � Diocesan Council Given Authority To Decide AAC Participation

      Following Archbishop Job's call for Metropolitan Herman to step down
      (read his speech here), the Archdiocese of the Midwest spoke loudly
      and clearly in a series of four votes (with increasing pluralities)
      taken yesterday afternoon at the 46th Diocesan Assembly held in

      No Confidence

      In the first resolution, entitled "No Confidence", Holy Trinity
      parish in Overland Park, Kansas proposed that:
      "Whereas, the Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church in America
      supervises the internal and external welfare of the Church; and
      Whereas, the Orthodox Church in America has been embroiled in a
      financial and ecclesial crisis since at least October 2005; and
      Whereas, the Metropolitan has acted in ways that have exacerbated the

      Be it Resolved that:
      the 46th Diocesan Assembly of the Diocese of the Midwest has "no
      confidence" in Metropolitan Herman."

      The measure passed with only minor debate by secret ballot, 80-24.

      Withholding To Continue

      A second motion, which proposed spending the monies being withheld on
      worthy projects inside and outside the Archdiocese, was withdrawn at
      the last minute by its sponsor. A third motion, proposed by St. Paul
      parish in Dayton, Ohio was then discussed. There was no debate, only
      minor modifications agreed to by the sponsor based on questions and
      clarifications requested by the delegates. The motion reads:

      "Whereas the member of the Diocese of the Midwest have an abiding
      desire to maintain the unity of the Orthodox Church in America while
      promoting the integrity and holiness of our Church;

      We, the clergy and lay delegates to the Diocesan Assembly,
      -express no confidence in His Beatitude, Herman, Metropolitan of the
      Orthodox Church in America, nor the Acting Treasurer Fr. Paul
      Kucynda. We no longer believe they are acting in the best interest of
      the OCA. They have failed openly and full to resolve the ongoing
      scandal in the OCA most recently expressed in their opposition to a
      free and unhindered Investigative Committee and the failure to
      release all the preliminary Report of the Special Commission. The
      good of the Church requires them to step down from their respective
      offices as soon as a Treasurer can be appointed, and a new
      Metropolitan elected at the forthcoming 2008 All American Council.
      - reaffirm the decision of the Diocesan Assembly in 2006, as
      expressed by the Diocesan Council in 2007, to withhold all
      assessments from the OCA until all the stated benchmarks are fully
      met, without further alteration or change. That is, until a Special
      Commission, confirmed by the Metropolitan Council, is re-established
      and allowed to continue its investigations as it determines, free
      from outside interference, and the preliminary Report of the Special
      Commission is released. The questions of the Special Commission must
      be answered publicly:
      What exactly happened?

      Why did it happen?

      What can be done to prevent this from happening again?

      What is the proper course of action for the Church to take with those
      responsible for permitting it to happen?
      -believe the way forward to health and integrity for the OCA is the
      full releasing of all financial reports, audits and investigative
      reports of the central church administrations, including those
      related to past All American Councils since 1992."

      The resolution passed, again by secret ballot, 88-19 with one

      Resignation or Retirement?

      A fourth motion was then made by the Resolution Committee itself, in
      light of the Archbishop's speech the day before. This motion provoked
      the most discussion; as to exactly how the Metropolitan should be
      asked to resign. In the end it was agreed to simply quote the
      Archbishop's words from the day before, as all agreed they best
      expressed the Assembly's intentions. The resolution reads:
      "We, the 46th Diocesan Assembly, gathered in Cleveland, Ohio, On
      October 1-3, 2007, having heard the report of His Eminence,
      Archbishop Job, hereby with one voice express our opinion that we
      have been blessed by his words and thoughts. In addition, we offer
      our full support and confidence in our Archbpastor and acknowledge to
      the world our support of his ministry to the Diocese of the Midwest
      and his efforts to seek a resolution to the alleged financial,
      administrative, and moral malfeasance exhibited by the Central
      Administration of the Orthodox Church in America. The Assembly,
      echoing the words of His Eminence, asks Metropolitan Herman "to step
      down as First Hiearch of the Orthodox Church in America in order to
      assuage the suffering of the Church and her people."

      This, too, passed 95-10- again by secret ballot. The resolution
      symbolically adds 6,000+ signatures to the national petition, now
      approaching 1,000 names itself, asking for Metropolitan +Herman to
      step down. (Read that petition here)

      All-American Council Participation

      In the final session of the Assembly the delegates discussed the
      possibility that withholding might lead to the Archdiocese being
      denied seating at the forthcoming All-American Council, currently
      proposed for Pittsburgh in either July or November 2008. (The actual
      dates will be decided at the forthcoming meeting of the Metropolitan
      Council.) Since the Diocesan Assembly will not meet again before the
      July 1, 2008 deadline for paying assessments (See the OCA Statute,
      Article III, Section 4 here) the Diocesan Council asked for formal
      authority from the Assembly to make a decision for the entire
      Archdiocese. (The Diocesan Council was wary of much criticism that by
      setting benchmarks for Syosset last July, rather than beginning to
      withhold as authorized, they had ignored the previous Assembly's
      directions....) Given the uncertainties and variables that could
      occur in the next nine months, the issues raised in the discussion
      were many. In the end, in a show of unity, the Archdiocese voted to
      leave the final decision to the Archbishop and the Council by a
      unanimous voice vote. Thus the Assembly agreed that the Council may
      release withheld funds, even if the benchmarks are not, met nine
      months for now to insure participation in the All American Council.
      On the other hand, the Assembly agreed that should the Council and
      the Archbishop so decide, the entire Archdiocese would forego
      particiation in the All-American rather than release funds if the
      benchmarks have still not been met.

      New Metropolitan Council Delegate Elected

      Among the elections held was that of clergy representative to the
      Metropolitan Council. Fr. Michael Matsko was nominated by the Deans
      of the Archdiocese to suceed Fr. Vladimir Berzonsky. Several other
      candidates subsequently declined nomination in a show of support for
      Fr. Matsko, who was elected unopposed. Fr. Matsko, the long-time
      pastor of Holy Transfiguration parish in Livonia, Michigan has served
      on the Diocesan Council for many years, and on the Metropolitan
      Council itself in the early 1980's. He is a graduate of St.
      Vladimir's Seminary and a former police officer from Los Angeles.
      Shortly after being elected, Fr. Matsko spoke to the Assembly of the
      need for transparency and accountability throughout the OCA, and
      promised to faithfully represent the Archdiocese's positions while on
      the Metropolitan Council.

      - Mark Stokoe
      Saturday: Syosset Strikes Back

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