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Ukrainian family wants daughter's remains after fatal June crash

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  • Rev Fr John Brian
    http://www.wiscnews.com/pdr/news/204217 Portage Daily Register: Columbia County s Daily Newspaper Friday, August 10, 2007 Ukrainian family wants daughter s
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      Portage Daily Register: Columbia County's Daily Newspaper

      Friday, August 10, 2007

      Ukrainian family wants daughter's remains after fatal June crash in Dells;
      consul general pleads case
      By Dustin Weis, Daily Register

      The Ukrainian consul general in Chicago pleaded in Columbia County Court on
      Friday that the body of a teen killed in a Wisconsin Dells car crash be
      released for proper burial in the Ukraine.

      The consul general, Vasyl Korzachenko, appeared at the bond hearing for
      19-year-old exchange student Andrii Pomaz, who is charged with the death of
      his fiance in a June car crash.

      Korzachenko sat silently through much of the proceedings, but a pro bono
      attorney, Julian E. Kulas, spoke on his behalf, as well as on behalf of the
      parents of the victim, 19-year-old Olga Ivanenko. Kulas said the consul
      general had received letters from the girl's parents, who live in the
      Ukrainian city of Herson, stating that Pomaz and Ivanenko were engaged to be
      married, and that the family was distraught that they had not been able to
      bury their daughter.

      "They seem to be under the impression their daughter's body is being held
      imprisoned," Kulas told Columbia County Court Commissioner Charles F.
      Church. "What is the necessity to keep her dead body?"

      All five Ukrainian students in the car had summer jobs in the Wisconsin
      Dells area.

      Pomaz, 19, watched the proceedings from the Columbia County Jail through
      closed-circuit court television, and slumped visibly as Kulas read a letter
      from Ivanenko's father, Anatoliy Vasilievich Ivanenko.

      After being held in both Columbia and Dodge counties since the accident
      while authorities debated whether to file charges or deport Pomaz for
      overstaying his visa, Columbia County Assistant District Attorney Troy Cross
      filed a single charge of homicide by negligent operation of a vehicle
      against Pomaz on July 16.

      Kulas expressed concern for the young man's welfare in prison, citing the
      strains of being imprisoned in a foreign country and losing his fiance.

      "I think he needs to be watched carefully," Kulas said. "He's likely very

      According to the criminal complaint, deputies were called to South Bowman
      Road to respond to a one-vehicle rollover accident in the early-morning
      hours of June 29. Investigators allege that Pomaz lost control of the
      vehicle while negotiating a corner at speeds in excess of 55 mph in a 25-mph
      zone. The vehicle rolled, struck a power pole and continued to role to a

      Deputies found two women, one of them Ivanenko, pinned under the car.
      Ivanenko later died at University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison. The
      other woman, Mariia Patsera, 19, also was treated at UW Hospital. None of
      the other people in the car suffered serious injuries.

      According to court documents, Pomaz told officers that he "might have had a
      beer" but was not drunk and that the brakes failed on the SUV as it
      descended a hill, causing the accident.

      Blood tests performed that night showed Pomaz's blood-alcohol concentration
      at 0.052 - below 0.08, the legal limit to drive in Wisconsin. Tests of the
      vehicle's brake system showed it to be "in good working condition,"
      according to court documents.

      Wisconsin Dells Police Chief Bret Anderson said after the crash that Pomaz
      did not have a Wisconsin driver's license and was not able to produce any
      type of international license.

      Columbia County Medical Examiner Marc Playman conducted the autopsy,
      alcohol and drug tests on Ivanenko's body following the crash, and said he
      could release the body to a funeral home for transfer to Ukraine, but the
      DA's office suspended the release.

      Cross said the county was obligated to keep the body as evidence until Pomaz
      obtains a public defender and that attorney declines to use the body as

      Church set a $10,000 cash bond for Pomaz, and scheduled a pretrial hearing
      for Aug. 13 and a return hearing for Oct. 15.

      The county court system should have an idea whether the body could be
      released by the pretrial hearing, Church said. He told Kulas and Korzachenko
      that, by scheduling the pretrial hearing within 10 days of the bond hearing
      instead of the standard 30 to 40 days, he was expediting the process as much
      as he could.

      In the translated letter from Ivanenko's father, the Ukrainian man asks
      Columbia County authorities to speed up transportation of their daughter's
      body to Ukraine. The letter pleads for authorities to "make a little window
      in her coffin" and release to them all the details of the accident and the
      ensuing investigation.

      Kulas said Ivanenko's parents know very few of the details surrounding their
      daughter's death, and said he hoped authorities would find a way to return
      the body before the pretrial hearing.

      "I think we need to have a little more compassion and understanding," Kulas
      said. "Her parents aren't seeking compensation. They're an orthodox
      Christian family, and they want a decent burial for their daughter."



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