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Plot against the ecumenical Patriarch foiled

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://www.speroforum.com/site/article.asp?id=10512 Plot against the ecumenical Patriarch foiled The Istanbul public attorney s office is investigating a group
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      Plot against the ecumenical Patriarch foiled

      The Istanbul public attorney's office is investigating a group of ex
      army officers who seem to have plotted to assassinate Bartholomew I
      as well as Mesrob of the Armenians.

      Wednesday, August 01, 2007
      By <http://www.speroforum.com/site/author.asp?AUTH_ID=147>Asia News

      A group of ex army officers, now retired, plotted to assassinate the
      ecumenical Patriarch: this is what has emerged from an investigation
      carried out by Istanbul's public attorney's office, and brought to
      light by a report in Aksam newspaper. The group known as the
      Association of National Forces was led by Bekir Ozturk: the hard
      drive of his computer revealed the entire project which also
      consisted of the assassination of the Armenian Patriarch Mesrob and
      of a Jewish businessman.

      This network of retired army officials are believed to be in contact
      with diverse well rooted nationalist groups on Turkish soil. What is
      of even graver concern is the fact that arms in their possession seem
      to originate from Army deposits. According to media and diplomatic
      sources this only further underlines the deep ties between
      nationalist activists and institutions linked to the State, thus
      forming the so-called "Shadow State".

      These worries are amplified by the recent entrance into parliament of
      the nationalist MHP party (which includes the grey wolves) in
      national elections, and their strengthening of the opposition, until
      now represented by the Kemalist CHP party.

      On the subject of the recent elections, observers have not failed to
      comment on Erdogan's reshuffling of his government in favour of right
      wing candidates over liberals. A fact that led to his landslide
      victory in the centre east of the country. Some recall an interview
      he gave in 1998, when he was on the verge of forming his party, in
      which he said: "my aim is to unite my party base with the
      nationalists", in short uniting political Islam with nationalism,
      legitimized by the journey towards European Union membership, with
      the country's obvious economic development as the winning factor,
      which also brought election victory as proven by Kodan poll agency,
      the only one to have correctly gauged pre-election forecasts.

      In the area of religious policies, the Greek foreign minister Dora
      Bakojiannis has informed her EU colleagues in Brussels of the
      continuous difficulties faced by the Ecumenical Patriarch. Following
      her meeting with the President of the European Peoples Party,
      Martens, a statement was released criticizing the Turkish Supreme
      Court ruling which contests the ecumenical nature of the Patriarchate
      of Constantinople. Moreover, Interfax news agency reports that the
      Moscow Church, has taken advantage of the Greek foreign minister's
      initiative to contest Constantinople's primacy among the Orthodox,
      while sharing in the Patriarch of Constantinople's
      difficulties. In short, the word in Brussels is that Turkish
      Nationalists have found an unlikely ally in the ambitions of the
      Moscow Church. The reaction of Fr. Dositheos, of the Ecumenical
      Patriarchate is calm and meaningful: "The Ecumenical Patriarchate was
      not born as a national Church, but as a point of reference for the
      ancient Christian world according to the apostolic and patristic
      tradition, it is universally accepted and has as its basic precept
      love in Christ".
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