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Kiev's new Museum of Soviet Occupation

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    http://portal-credo.ru/site/print.php?act=news&id=54539 Kiev’s new Museum of Soviet Occupation tells how a totalitarian regime persecuted for the faith The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2007

      Kiev�s new Museum of Soviet Occupation tells how a totalitarian regime persecuted for the faith

      The Museum of Soviet Occupation opened in Kiev on May 26 by decision of Kiev�s V. Stusa branch of �Memorial�. According to the website of the Christian Democratic Union of Ukraine, the Museum�s foundation is the unique exhibit �To be remembered: Chronicle of the Communist Inquisition 1917-1991�.

      The �To be remembered� exhibit has been open continuously for viewing on the premises of Kiev's �Memorial� since 2001. An English-language, poster version was shown at the UN, in many European countries, the USA and Canada. The Museum also has sections on the Ukrainian Solovski, �Kievan martyrology� (the destruction by communists of Kiev�s architectural landmarks)�, �Famine -- in photos.

      An exposition of �The People�s War�, is being developed. It will cover the peasant-Cossack uprising which took place in Ukraine in 1917-32. The exhibit�s materials will show that the Famine of 1932-33 was actually a punitive action by the occupying power over the �recalcitrant� Ukrainians.

      The Museum�s library has video documentaries and feature films, and an audio library.

      Displays are open for free viewing from 10.00 to 17.00 daily, except Saturday and Sunday.

      The main section of the �To be remembered� exhibit, consisting of 54 display spaces, is divided into the periods:
      � �The system of concentration camps�
      � �1917-1920 � the Bolshevik coup and the beginning of Terror�
      � �1921-1823 � the USSR is born through hunger and violence�
      � �1924-1931 � the price of forced collectivization and industrialization�
      � �1932-1933 � Ukrainian holocaust�
      � �1934-1938 � collapse of Ukrainization and the �Great Terror�
      � �1939-1941 � conspiracy by two dictatorships and its aftermath�
      � �1942-1952 � last decade of the Stalinist dictatorship�
      � �1946-1947 � third blow by hunger
      � �1953-1964 � thaw�
      � �1965-1985 � bloodless totalitarianism�
      � �1986-1991 � Collapse�

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