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‘Forbidden’ art in Moscow angers Russian Orthodox Church

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2007

      ‘Forbidden’ art in Moscow angers Russian Orthodox Church
      Web posted at: 3/31/2007 8:53:35
      Source ::: REUTERS

      MOSCOW • Russian Orthodox believers protested
      outside a Moscow museum yesterday over an
      exhibition of provocative images, including
      pictures portraying Mickey Mouse as Jesus Christ
      and close-ups of male and female genitals.

      The museum, named after late Soviet dissident and
      Nobel Peace Prize winner Andrei Sakharov, says it
      is hitting back at what it calls the rebirth of
      censorship under President Vladimir Putin.

      Many other galleries have refused to show the works.

      But the Russian Orthodox Church denounced the
      exhibition, entitled “Forbidden Art 2006” as
      pornography and said it propagated religious hatred.

      “Censorship is not creeping back. It actually
      returned long ago,” said museum director Yuri Samodurov.

      Some exhibits were discreetly hidden behind high,
      white partitions with tiny holes left for
      visitors to peep through. The works, spanning
      more than 30 years, range from icons of faithful
      worshipping Mickey Mouse instead of Jesus Christ
      to a silhouette of the Virgin Mary and son filled with black caviar.

      There are several close-up photos of men and
      women’s genitals. A photograph entitled “Glory to
      Russia!” pictures a smirking Russian army general
      raping a male private in front of other servicemen.

      About two dozen angry protesters gathered outside
      the museum on Friday shouting at the director:
      “You are going to be tried. Are you still at large?”

      A few of them tried to break into the exhibition
      hall but the director quickly locked the door, a
      photographer at the scene said. They tried to
      attach stickers with the words “This is filth” on
      the building but police stopped them.
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