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Metropolitan Isaiah Sends Letter to Dallas Community

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  • Melanie Jula Sakoda
    Submitted by Melanie Jula Sakoda http://www.thenationalherald.com/ (Viewing the text online requires a paid subscription) The National Herald March 7, 2007
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      Submitted by Melanie Jula Sakoda

      (Viewing the text online requires a paid subscription)

      The National Herald

      March 7, 2007

      Metropolitan Isaiah Sends Letter to Dallas Community

      Reverend Christopher Constantinides (Proistamenos), the Esteemed
      Parish Council, the Faithful Members of The Holy Trinity Greek
      Orthodox Church (13555 Hillcrest Road, Dallas, Texas 75240).

      Beloved in the Lord, having been informed of devastating news
      regarding your beloved priest, Father Nicholas Katinas, I am
      expressing my deepest sadness to all of you.

      I had been informed last summer of rumors regarding his assignment in
      a Chicago parish 30 or more years ago, but I have waited for more
      clarification before communicating with you. Due to a recent eye
      operation, I am not allowed to travel to be with you. But I feel very
      strongly that it is most important to share my thoughts and feelings
      with you with this letter.

      I have known Father Katinas since 1954, when I entered our Holy Cross
      Seminary. Never in the past 53 years have I ever heard anything
      detrimental against his character or behavior. On the contrary, he
      has proven himself to be one of our finest priests, who has helped
      many people and who has served the Lord most faithfully. Holy Trinity
      parish stands as a visible reminder of his hard work and dedication
      to the Lord and his faithful service to thousands of our people.

      It is truly ironic that, during this first week of Great Lent, we are
      faced with troubling situations which happened long ago and which are
      happening today. It never fails that, when Great Lent arrives, I am
      faced with very serious situations in several of our parishes. I am
      certain that this holds true in every one of our metropolises.
      Obviously, Satan never sleeps. And, to compound the problems, it is
      our own people who believe themselves to have a mandate from God;
      indeed, they take pride in sharing bad news with as many as they can.

      We know that the Church is God's spiritual hospital, where believers
      come to be healed. All of us are sinners before God, and all of us
      come to the Church because we know that God is compassionate and
      merciful and forgiving. Yet many of those who consider themselves
      good Christians have no concept of compassion, mercy and forgiveness.
      How fortunate we are, how blessed we are, to have a God Who is all-
      merciful and all-forgiving.

      This is what Great Lent is all about: the holiness of God and the
      sinfulness of Man.

      Beloved members of the Church, we are in the most sacred time of the
      ecclesiastical year, during which we look within ourselves to
      recognize and admit our sinfulness before God. Actually, the Church
      gives to us 70 days of introspection, from the beginning of the
      Triodion to Resurrection Sunday. God knows that we need time to come
      to ourselves, as the Prodigal came to himself and returned to the

      The Church has undergone untold numbers of crises and scandals
      throughout Her 2,000-year existence, but She continues on, as our
      Lord promised. She continues on for our sake; for our place of
      shelter and solace; and for our salvation.

      Let us then forgive the errors and the sins of others, whoever they
      may be. We should forgive; we must forgive, for God may have already
      forgiven them; and we may find only ourselves holding back, like the
      son who did not welcome his Prodigal brother back to the Father.

      With Paternal Blessings and Love,

      Metropolitan Isaiah of Denver
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