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Relations between Vatican, Orthodox Church improving - bishop

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    http://en.rian.ru/world/20070302/61481994.html Relations between Vatican, Orthodox Church improving - bishop 16:10 | 02/ 03/ 2007 VATICAN, March 2 (RIA
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      Relations between Vatican, Orthodox Church improving - bishop
      16:10 | 02/ 03/ 2007

      VATICAN, March 2 (RIA Novosti) - The Russian Orthodox and Roman
      Catholic Churches have begun improving relations and boosting
      contacts since Benedict XVI was elected Pope, the bishop of Vienna
      and Austria said Friday.

      Bishop Ilarion, a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church at
      European international organizations, told RIA Novosti that the two
      Churches have intensified cultural links, but have still not worked
      out a common position on the problems of Uniatism and Proselytism.

      "We should reach a certain progress in the discussion of these
      problems before speaking about a real improvement of relations," he said.

      Uniatism is the union of Orthodox Christian communities with Rome
      through their acknowledgement of the Pope's universal primacy. These
      Orthodox communities are subject to papal authority, but follow their
      own Orthodox rites in worship.

      The Catholic Church considers only these communities truly Orthodox.

      The Russian Orthodox Church also accuses the Vatican of Proselytism,
      mainly in Western Ukraine, and attempts to convert Orthodox believers
      into the Catholic religion.

      The Catholic Church claims that it is supporting the existing
      Catholic community and is not proselytizing.

      Referring to foreign media reports about preparations for a meeting
      between Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia and Pope Benedict
      XVI, the bishop said that that is not the essence of the complicated
      relations between the two churches.

      "More importantly, we should reach mutual understanding. In this
      case, there will be no obstacles to the meeting," he said.

      Bishop Ilarion said attempts to organize the meeting were made
      earlier, but it was canceled when the sides failed to agree on key issues.

      "We should work to find a common position, to prepare the meeting,
      which should mark a breakthrough in relations between the Churches," he said.

      He said he hopes the Vatican will take steps to reach understanding,
      adding that he has no information about the possible date and place
      of the meeting.

      The bishop said the meeting is unlikely to be held either in Russia
      or in Italy.

      "This could be a historic meeting if it opens a new page in the
      history of our relations," he said.

      Speaking about President Vladimir Putin's upcoming meeting with Pope
      Benedict XVI during his trip to Italy in March, Bishop Ilarion said
      that that is not a mediation between the two Churches.

      "The Pope is not only the head of the Church, he is also the head of
      state. His state duties imply meetings with presidents and prime
      ministers of different countries," he said.

      He praised the development of state contacts with the Vatican, but
      said church relations will not be on the agenda of the visit.
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