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NYC lecture: "Mary in our Life and Times"

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    http://www.greeknewsonline.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=6233 New York, NY.- Scholars and clergy from different Christian traditions will address
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2007

      New York, NY.- Scholars and clergy from different Christian traditions will address the place of “Mary in our Life and Times” at the annual Cathedral Fellowship lecture series at the Holy Trinity Cathedral Center. The inaugural presentation is by Archbishop Lazar Puhalo, Abbot and retired hierarch of the Orthodox Church in America at 7:30 Thursday February 15th and the series will conclude with a panel discussion the following Wednesday the 21st at 7:00 PM.

      The deep and beautiful mystery of Mary, Theotokos: The Mother of God, will be explored by the presenters, panelists and the audience. The powerful ties of most Christians to the Virgin Mary have inspired some of the world's greatest poetry, art and architecture and enabled countless generations to endure the miseries of poverty, war, illness and cruelty. Her name ever on the lips and thoughts of Christians, Mary is often forgotten when theology is discussed. The Cathedral Fellowship lecture series will explore Mary's place in our lives and times.

      The place of Mary in the Episcopal Church and the Protestant tradition differs greatly from the Orthodox and Catholic churches and in the latter today there are powerful movements centered on traditional and even revolutionary views on Mary unfamiliar to Orthodox Christians. The modern world opens up new perspectives on Jesus' mother, both skeptical, as with religion in general, and sociological, especially among feminists. Outside the trenches of the culture wars, however, men and women of faith seek to know the place of Mary in modern times and lives that are so radically different from the days of the ancient Fathers and Mothers of the Church.

      On Thursday February 15 at 7:30 PM the first presentation will be an introduction by the famous speaker and author from Canada, Archbishop Lazar Puhalo. He is founding Abbot of the Monastery of All Saints of North America, Canada. He was received into the OCA as a retired archbishop along with the monastery. His numerous books include The Soul, the Body, and Death, Creation and Fall, and The Evidence of Things not Seen, Orthodoxy and Modern Physics, which draws upon his early work as a scientist.

      This year's series will conclude the following Wednesday February 21st (doors open 7:00 PM) with a panel discussion among distinguished participants from different Christian jurisdictions: Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Coptic Orthodox and Episcopal. The panelists are:

      The Very Rev. Eugene Pappas, Pastor, Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church. Ecumenist, educator, missionary and social activist, Fr. Eugene currently serves as the president of the Greek Orthodox Clergy Association and as President of the New York Archdiocesan Metropolitan Clergy Syndesmos. He is Chairman of the Roman Catholic Ecumenical Dialogue. Father Eugene also hosts the popular radio program Matters of Conscience on Cosmos FM over WNYE, 91.5 FM on Saturday afternoons.

      Monsignor Guy Massie is the chairperson for the Ecumenical and Inter-Faith Commission for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and is presently the pastor of the Parish of St. Andrew the Apostle. He knows the Greek Orthodox Church well has worked closely with Orthodox Clergy. To better serve the Catholic/Jewish dialogue, Msgr. Massie studied at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America from where he received a master's degree in Judaic Studies in May 1997. It was at the seminary that he studied Hebrew for four years, Talmud, Bible, Midrash, Jewish history and Jewish literature.

      Father Antonios Makaryus is a priest at Sts. Mary and Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church in Queens. After emigrating to the United States in the 1980's and serving as a reader and Sunday school teacher, he was elected by his then and current parish to become a priest, a common practice in the Coptic Orthodox Church. He returned to his native Egypt for further education and ordination by that church's current leader, Pope Shenouda III. In 1999 he earned his Masterʼs in Religion and Religious Education, specializing in Counseling, at Fordham University.

      Dr. Deirdre Good is Professor of New Testament at The General Theological Seminary in New York City. A member of the Episcopal Church, she is a widely published author and prominent lecturer. Her most recent book is Mariam, the Magdalen, and the Mother, a collection of essays on the Mary figures of the Bible. Her numerous books, articles and presentations include explorations of Eastern Christianity, including “Wisdom in the Byzantine Tradition”.

      The Presentations will be at Holy Trinity Cathedral Center, 337 East 74th Street. Light refreshments will be served and a donation of $10 is requested. For information email: csirigos100@...

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