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OCA Reorganizational Task Force, Search Committee, begin their work

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    http://www.oca.org/NewsPrintable.asp?ID=1143 OCA Reorganizational Task Force, Search Committee, begin their work Article posted: 1/4/2007 9:37 AM SYOSSET, NY
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      OCA Reorganizational Task Force, Search Committee, begin their work

      Article posted: 1/4/2007 9:37 AM

      SYOSSET, NY [OCA Communications] — His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman, recently gave his blessing to members of the Orthodox Church in America’s Reorganization Task Force to begin their work in earnest.

      Members of the task force include Robert Kornafel, chair; Deacon John Zarras, Al Wetmore, and Carol Wetmore. Protodeacon Peter Danilchick serves as a task force advisor, while two new members, Marty Brown and Peter Bohlender, were added recently to the task force’s membership.

      Working with the task force will be the members of the Search Committee, charged with developing tools for rating applicants and interviewing applicants to five full-time Chancery positions before recommending potential candidates through the Metropolitan Council through the OCA’s Holy Synod of Bishops and Metropolitan Herman for final interview and selection.

      Members of the search committee include Peter Bohlender, Mary Caetta, Michelle Jannakos, Bob Kornafel, Gregory Nescott, Eleana Silk, Dr. Faith Skordinski, the Very Rev. Matthew Tate, the Very Rev. David Vernak, Dr. Richard West, Al Wetmore, and Deacon John Zarras.

      In a statement issued by Metropolitan Herman dated December 30, 2006, Deacon John Zarras was appointed to oversee proposed transitions at the Chancery of the Orthodox Church in America.

      The text of Metropolitan Herman’s statement reads as follows.

      “The Holy Synod of Bishops, the Metropolitan Council, and the undersigned having accepted and approved the findings and recommendations of the OCA Reorganization Task Force, I hereby charter you, as a volunteer, to guide and manage the reorganization of the Chancery office. You are to reaffirm our staff’s understanding of the mission of the Orthodox Church in America and its Statutes and of each employee’s role in that mission. Specifically you are charged with the following:

      “Be present at the Chancery offices a minimum of two days per week to work personally with employees, individually and in groups, concerning day-to-day operations. At other times, be available via telephone and e-mail.

      “Assess current employees’ interest in and qualifications for assignment to positions in the new organizational structure. Mentor employees in preparation for assuming new or similar roles in the new organization. Emphasize team building in this process.

      “In conjunction with the Secretary and Acting Treasurer, examine work processes and restructure them as necessary to be consistent with the reorganized Chancery.

      “Schedule and conduct or arrange for weekly staff meeting for Chancery employees. Keep employees appropriately notified of the progress of the search process for key managerial positions. Resolve day-to-day issues personally or, as appropriate, by referring them to the Secretary or Acting Treasurer, or by seeking assistance from the Reorganization Task Force.

      “Provide regular progress reports to the Metropolitan and promptly report transition issues requiring his attention. Apprise the Reorganization Task Force of transition progress and of issues in their purview, e.g., topics requiring written policies or procedures. In conjunction with the Acting Treasurer, coordinate with the Chairman of the Metropolitan Council Finance Committee concerning new accounting software, processes and financial reports.

      “Your duties will phase out as the four major positions of the Church are filled, i.e., Treasurer, Chancellor, Secretary, and Director of Ministries & Communications. You will provide the new managers with current status reports of outstanding issues and make yourself available to them for a short period after their assignment, as necessary and appropriate.”

      Concurrently, Metropolitan Herman approved a “Charter to Govern the Future Activities of the OCA Reorganization Task Force,” also dated December 30, 2006.

      The text of the Charter, signed by Metropolitan Herman, reads as follows.

      “The Holy Synod of Bishops, the Metropolitan Council, and the undersigned having accepted and approved the findings and recommendations of the OCA Reorganization Task Force, I hereby charter its volunteer members to coordinate with the Transition Officer in implementing said findings and recommendations. This charter includes, but is not limited to the following tasks:

      “Augment the task force with other qualified volunteers as needed.

      “Assist and monitor the efforts of the Search Committee, and screen its results. (This may include assisting in evaluating the qualifications of candidates).

      “Complete the writing of job descriptions for positions of the Chancery and such other OCA positions as may be required.

      “Draft mission and functions statements for the four major entities, i.e., Treasurer, Secretary, Chancellor, and Ministries and Communications.

      “Develop policies and systems for employee performance standards and review, benefits entitlement, incentive awards, and grievance processing.

      “Develop a Human Resources Handbook.

      “Ensure Task Force activities and products conform to Best Practices for Financial Management.

      “I recognize that as key managerial/supervisory positions are filled and as the transition nears completion, many of the responsibilities enumerated herein will naturally devolve upon those positions. Nevertheless, the Task Force will offer to the new managers whatever guidance and assistance is necessary.

      “This Charter is effective immediately and will remain in effect for two years unless sooner terminated.

      “The Task Force will keep me apprised of progress either directly or through the Very Rev. Paul Kucynda and will brief the Metropolitan Council of progress at each of their scheduled meetings.”

      As one of its first efforts, members of the Reorganization Task Force announced the time-line and process for filling four previously announced OCA Chancery positions – Chancellor, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director of Ministries and Communications – as well as a fifth position, that of Comptroller.

      “The objective of the recruitment process, as endorsed by the Holy Synod of Bishops and the Metropolitan Council, is to provide the opportunity to as many dedicated and talented faithful as possible to offer their leadership skills for the building up of the Orthodox Church in America,” according to Deacon John Zarras. “The vision is to create a unified team that acts together in coordinating and implementing the mission of the Church. This prayerful search process will occur with that vision and objective.”

      Task Force members will follow published guidelines issued on January 1, 2007, the text of which reads as follows.

      “1. Announce Positions:

      “a. Publicize jobs, using job description material, specifically the job summary, and qualifications required. Invite applications with at least a one-month deadline from date of announcement. Applications should include a cover letter explaining applicant’s interest in the position; a resume summarizing educations, skills, knowledge, and experience relevant to the job criteria; and at least three references with specific knowledge of the job-related skills.

      “b. Make every effort to maximize distribution. Use the OCA web site, www.orthodoxjobs.com, The Orthodox Church magazine, and other available media. In addition, use word of mouth and make contact with potential candidates personally to encourage them to apply.

      “c. Date stamp or otherwise record dates of receipt of all applications.

      “d. If, after two weeks of job announcement it appears that insufficient applications are forthcoming, notify Task Force and provide feedback, if any, from potential candidates who declined to apply, to enable Task Force to consider recommending position redesign to enhance recruitment.

      “2. Selection Criteria: Before examining any applications, develop criteria (4-6 is normal) by which applications will be ranked. (Note that the “Qualifications Required” in the job description are the minimum qualifications for candidates to be considered for the position). Selection Criteria should build on the qualifications in order to screen highly qualified from those who barely meet the criteria. After listing the criteria, develop a quantified method for rating candidates against the criteria, to distinguish numerically the degrees of qualification of candidates.)

      “3. Develop Interview Questions: Interviews serve chiefly two functions: (a) Measure the candidate’s communication and interpersonal skills, and (b) Answer the candidate’s questions about the position. Interviews must involve asking identical questions of all applicants; at least two Search Team members should conduct the interviews for each position, with one interviewer designated as Recorder. Interviews need not be face-to-face, but can be by conference call. E-mail interviews are insufficient.

      “4. Rank Candidates; Determine Highly Qualified: Using written application, and supplemental material obtained via interview, rate the candidates against the Selection Criteria. Develop a numerical score for each candidate. Identify a ‘logical cutoff’ score to identify Highly Qualified for referral through the Reorganization Task Force and the Metropolitan Council to Metropolitan Herman for interview and final selection with the concurrence of the Holy Synod of Bishops.

      “5. Select – Make Job Offer. Offers should be made in order of scoring from Search Committee unless compelling reasons dictate otherwise. Discuss salary, benefits. Negotiate starting date.”

      Click here for the task force time-line in PDF format.

      The five full-time positions will be based at the OCA Chancery in Syosset, NY. Job announcements and application instructions will be available on the OCA web site.

      Periodic updates on the work of the task force and search committee will be posted on the OCA web site at www.oca.org.

      -- Robert Kornafel is a member of the Metropolitan Council and has served on two parish councils, the Diocesan Council of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey, and currently the Diocesan Council of the Diocese of Washington and New York. He is a retired corporate executive and current business consultant, with significant experience in the development and implementation of personnel and ethical policies and practices for the Steel Division of D. A. Steward Company. He is a parishioner of Annunciation Church, Brick, NJ.

      -- Deacon John Zarras is attached to Christ the Savior Church, Southbury, CT, where he participated as a leader in the planning, construction, and consecration of the parish’s new church complex. He is a member of the Metropolitan Council. He has served as president of the Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Foundation and as a member of the seminary’s Board of Trustees for many years. He is a former senior executive from the transportation industry, having retired five years ago from Emery Worldwide as North American vice president.

      -- G. Peter Bohlender is a parishioner of St. Mark Church, Wrightstown, PA, where he is a tonsured reader and has held numerous parish council positions. He is a member of the Metropolitan Council and has served for many years on his Diocesan Council. He has a Master’s Degree in Hotel Administration from Cornell University. In the course of a 30-year career, he has been general manager and vice president of various Destination Resorts in the northeastern US.

      -- Marty Brown is a parishioner of Saint Michael the Archangel Church, Concord, CA, and brings to the task force 34 years experience in benefit plans. He is a human resources director and a certified employee benefits specialist with special focus on designing and managing employee benefit programs and compensation plans. He is a member of the Health Care Policy committee of the California Chamber of Commerce.

      -- Al Wetmore is a parishioner of Holy Trinity Church, Randolph, NJ, and a member of its parish council. He retired from two careers – one culminating in the rank of Command Sergeant Major in the US Army, and a second as a federal government human resource professional, with supervision, salary determination, and labor-management relations as his specialties.

      -- Carol Wetmore is the choir director at Holy Trinity Church, Randolph, NJ. She retired from a career as an executive in federal government human resource management, with special emphasis on salary determinations and employee relations. She holds master’s degrees in music and social work and is currently a medical social worker with Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice.

      -- ADVISOR: Protodeacon Peter Danilchick is attached to the Protection of the Holy Mother of God Church, Falls Church, VA, with 31 years of domestic and international diaconal service. He has served on several non-profit boards and church councils, including as a trustee of Saint Vladimir’s Seminary. He is a retired executive from Exxon Mobil Corporation, having served as president, Exxon China Petroleum and Petrochemical Company, as well as Director of Planning and Economics, and planning vice president for other Exxon-Mobil companies worldwide. He is currently president of Synergia Consulting International LLC, headquartered in Oakton, VA.

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