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Winter Retreat for Orthodox College & High School Students

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    (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/winteryouthretreat.html#) Be PRO-ORB! Puente del Rio Ortodoxo - Orthodox Rio Bridges An Orthodox Christian Outreach Ministry
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      Be PRO-ORB!

      Puente del Rio Ortodoxo - Orthodox Rio Bridges
      An Orthodox Christian Outreach Ministry

      See photos from our first PRO-ORB Winter Youth Retreat 2005
      at: _http://www.stgeorgehttp://www.http://www.stgeohttp://_

      Puente del Rio Ortodoxo - Orthodox Rio Bridges

      An Orthodox Christian Outreach Ministry
      Second Annual Winter Youth/Young Adult Service Retreat

      PHARR: Last winter, together we tasted the true “sabor” of “¡Señor
      tempiedad!” and how to live as “una familia en Cristo.” Somewhere stirred within
      our daily prayers, we loaded food boxes, sorted warm coats and blankets for
      South Texas borderland families, dug a garden in the still-hot winter sun at a
      girl’s orphanage in Mexico, ate tamales and posole, splashed in warm Gulf
      waters and played invigorating games of beach soccer.
      In the same “Orthodox Rio Bridges” spirit (or in Spanish, Puente del Rio
      Ortodoxo), the 2nd Annual Winter Youth/Young Adult Service Retreat promises to
      be an even more enriching experience for attendees. Sponsored by “PRO-ORB”
      and St. George’s Orthodox Church in Pharr, Texas, the event will begin on
      Tuesday evening, December 26th continuing until Saturday morning, December 30th
      when we will end with a Spanish-language Divine Liturgy. Guests who do not
      need to leave immediately are very welcome to stay throughout the weekend.
      Our spiritual Retreat Master this year will be Hieromonk John (Anderson)
      from St. Michael’s Skete in Cañones, New Mexico. This year’s retreat focus is
      entitled, “For the Love of God: Balancing Orthodox Asceticism with Life in
      the World.” In addition to spiritual topic sessions and daily liturgical
      services, some in Spanish, the foundational retreat focus rests on serving others
      in the name of Christ. To this end, we will again be assisting at St. George’
      s Food Pantry, which now serves over 100 families each time it opens. In
      addition, attendees will deliver Christmas stockings, toiletries and food items,
      as well as spend the day working at the Casa Ampara girl’s orphanage just
      across the border in Reynosa, , <COU.
      Last year, participants came from both the La and Mexico. This year, we hope
      to encourage others from . This – maybe even Canada? – to join us in this
      inspiring event. There will be plenty of opportunity for Orthodox fellowship,
      including a trip to the beach at South Padre Island. Yes, last winter, we
      actually went swimming in late December!
      Orthodox teens, college students and young adults, as well as adult
      chaperones and/or parents, are invited to participate. The cost will be $175.00 per
      attendee. Registration deadline is December 16th. Contact us by email, phone
      or look online for registration forms at:
      _http://www.stgeorgehttp://www.http://www.stgeohttp://_ (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/winteryouthretreat.html)
      To learn more, call Fr. Antonio Perdomo at 956-781-2388 or email him at
      _padreantoniop@padrean_ (mailto:padreantoniop@...) . See photos and write
      ups from last year’s event online at:
      _http://www.stgeorgehttp://www.http://www.stgeohttp://_ (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/winteretreatphotos.html) and

      Come Down to the Valley for Christmas Break!

      Who? Orthodox Christian College Students, Young Adults, Older Teens (ages 14
      and up) and their friends & adult sponsors/chaperones are invited to join us
      for a week Celebrating the Nativity of our Lord and Savior by serving
      others! We heartily welcome Orthodox participants and their friends from any
      canonical juristiction - from anywhere in Texas and the surrounding region, as well
      as from other parts of the USA and Canada. Younger siblings and families
      are also welcome to participate, but younger siblings must be accompanied and
      supervised at all times by a parent. Families with younger siblings must also
      provide their own accommodations. We will be glad to make suggestions!
      How Many? The number of participants is limited, so please register early!
      Clergy, parents and adult chaperones are welcome.
      When? Arriving: Early evening of Tuesday,December 26, 2006 (or, if
      necessary, on the morning of December 27th. Departing: Saturday morning, December
      30th, after Divine Liturgy in Spanish. All who can are welcome to stay until
      Sunday after Divine Liturgy and the meal following Liturgy, or even until
      January 1st. See _Driving Directions_
      (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/directions.html) sections if you plan to drive. The nearest airports are in either McAllen
      or Harlengen, if you plan to fly. Please let us know so we can arrange for
      transportation from the airport to the Church if you plan to fly.
      Schedule of Activities: See our _Tentative Schedule_
      (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/schedule1.html) link.
      Cost: $175.00/Participant $175.00/Participant<WBR>. (This fee basically just
      covers local bunk& expenses for the retreat.) FOR ADULT CHAPERONES ONLY:
      If parents or other adult chaperones prefer a motel-type room (on-site), their
      cost would be adjusted accordingly. [Motel-type Rooms with 2 Queen-sized
      beds cost $30.00/night for 1 person; $35.00/night for 2 and $40./night for 3-4
      Where? St. George's Parish is located in Pharr, Texas - in the Rio Grande
      Valley. To view maps and recommended routes, please see the "Driving Directions
      section of this website. If flying, the nearest airports are in McAllen and
      Harlingen, although Brownsville is also a possibility.
      What? A week filled with Fellowship, Church Services and Service Projects,
      as well as some fun outings to get a "taste" of the sabor of this unique
      region on the South Texas border with _Mexico_
      (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/ocamexico.html) . The week will likely include most if not al of the following
      * Helping with _St. George's Food Pantry_
      * A Trip to _Casa Amparo_ (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/casaamparo.html)
      Girl's Orphanage & Refuge in Reynosa, Mexico - to deliver food, clothing,
      toiletries, grooming supplies and to do a service project for them.
      * Christmas Caroling in the Neighborhood of the _St. George's Church_
      (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/historyofparish.html) - in English & Spanish!
      * A visit to _South Padre Island_
      (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/localfeatures.html) Beaches
      * Daily Liturgical Services - some in Spanish!
      * Talks and Discussions with Clergy.
      * Fellowship with other young Orthodox Christians & friends!
      Winter Youth/Young Adult Retreat on South Texas/Mexican Border

      For the second year, St. George's Orthodox Church in Pharr, Texas, the new
      PRO-ORB organization and the Perdomo family will host a Winter Retreat for
      Youth and Young Adults, during the week after Nativity. We pray that
      will come from Mexico, as well as from the USA. Activities will include
      service projects on both sides of the border, prayers and liturgical
      services, in
      Spanish and English, plus time for fellowship and fun with Orthodox youth
      from Mexico and the USA. The retreat is planned for youth, ages 14 and up,
      through those who are young adults or university-age students.

      Spiritual Highlights will include:
      ~ The Spiritual Retreat, on the topic, "Leading an Orthodox Life in an
      Unorthodox World." Our retreat master and presenter will be Hieromonk John
      (Anderson) of St. Michael's Skete in Cañones, New Mexico, an Orthodox convert,
      recently returned from St. Herman's Seminary in Alaska.
      ~ Daily Prayers & Liturgical Services - bi-lingual
      ~ Divine Liturgy - Primarily In Spanish!

      Service Project Highlights will include:
      ~ Doing a project, plus delivering items, including Christmas Stockings, to
      the Casa Amparo girl's orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico.
      ~ helping distribute food boxes and Christmas Stockings to recipients of St.
      George's Food Pantry - see _www.stgeorgepantry.www_
      (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/) to learn more...

      Fellowship & Fun Highlights will include:
      ~ South Padre Island Beach trip or Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge (weather
      ~ Or a shopping Trip to Nuevo Progresso, Mexico
      ~ Talent Show by those in Attendance!

      The cost is $175.00/participant (teens age 14 up, young adults and college
      plus adult chaperones or visiting Clergy.

      Remember, Space is limited! Registration forms & additional information are
      on-line at:

      If you are interested in receiving an Application Form or for more
      information, please contact Matushka Elizabeth Perdomo at: _mateliza@..._

      St. George's Orthodox Church
      Rio Grande Valley of Tropical South Texas
      _www.stgeorgepantry.www_ (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/)

      St. George's Orthodox Church
      Rio Grande Valley of Tropical South Texas
      _www.stgeorgepantry.org_ (http://www.stgeorgepantry.org/)

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